daanuh 010116
Dafremen ...was the kid who always sat in the back of the classroom and gave the teacher lewd answers to her questions.

I always thought that kid had some brass balls, cuz whenever I tried to say something lewd to my teacher I ended up in the principles office or suspended or both.

Yup they sure don't make em like billy anymore..or was that Johnny?

biLL Is what they called me in grade school.

Bill is what they called me in high school and college.

Now, if you call me Billy I smile, because I realize that it's a term of affection. I wish for everyone to call me Billy again.
ejo BLLLLLLYYYYY!!!! its just a fun name to say BILL-Y 011025
indie.chickadee shit, don't remind me of my asshole ex-boyfriend... 020508
marjorie billy corgan is a genius. 030107
*nat* by bestest friend :) 030107
unhinged his glazed over eyes were tangible. he sniffled a lot. he was like a bull in a china shop; a lot of people shyed away from him. he seemed to be in a constant state of disarray; i always told him to take care of himself. i could hear onesided telephone conversations that worried me; i knew where most of their stuff came from. his cell phone kept ringing over and over again while i was trying to sleep. i'm not sure why he didn't take it with him when he left the room; i knew it was billy. i didn't answer it. i knew he didn't want to talk to him; he was too busy macking on my friend. i could always notice when his eyes were glazed over; when they weren't my heart muscle relaxed just the slightest bit. 030107
Mandijabster temporary.

billy is 5'2" and owns a ladder and power tools. Internet boyfriends amuse me...lets laugh shall we..
ok, I'm done...I'm glad I got that out of my system. Aren't you?
Mandijabster billy got a g/f :( actually..thats not sad. the russian, evil kid, and many others are much cooler than he ever was. 031126
nemo billy_mckinney 031225
Hobart I was trying to pillory Dear Abby when I stumbled over Billy. How? Now I've sent this site to my friends.
Where will it all end?
Sands Of Time Droplets of water roll down her face,
Combining with salt-filled tears.
What a heavy burden they carry,
One no child should have to bare.
These tears create everlasting stains,
That will never wash or fade away.
And yet these painful reminders of the past,
As evident and unforgiving as they are to her,
Will remain forever unseen by any other.

Why did Billy leave so many tears behind? Why isn't he here to see all the tears that are cried specifically for him?
no reason i love when he's my billy
but not so much my bill
fritz Oh where have you gone Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Oh, where have you gone charming Billy?
Sundari Raine Billy, billy.... te amo. 050103
peyton how could you man
i thought
i just thought we were brothers
i was wrong
krista billy corgan is everything to me. 061101
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