starjewel For just a moment
It seemed like the world had stopped
So we could take a snap shot
Of its paradox

The sky was grey,
threatening rain
Then suddenly the sun stood,
just pouring over the purple mountain
its vermillion ray

Then across the sky,
still a blanket of somber grey,
An arch of color streaked full across
Apparent through invisible rain that lingered but did not stay

Suspended, both images stood, they and their beauty parelell
As creatures stood below in awe
Silence was the only sound,and wind the only movement betwixt it all

But because nothing gold can stay
The mystical image did quickly fade
An here this earth with its grey dust
And powdered dirt
Looked again the same

But for that moment still hangs
Suspended in my mind's eye
For these are the times
When life stands still as glass
And one can't help but long for more
in which life would slowly pass,
And we would never die.
egger hangs on every word.
(get it? hangs? ah, never mind. i crack myself up, anyway.)
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