Pam momma mountain
momma mountain sugar baby honey
momma mountain
sugar sweetie mountain
stephen alone at the top. dreams in view. amazement and sadness united in a single moment. peace and clarity of view. 001029
tassadit i have travelled:
from the mountains of kabylie, green and fertile
to the deserts of adrar, desolate and sparse
from the city lights of banjul, rich with music and beautiful women
to the reserves of mbalmayo and sangmelima
from the dense forests of malabo
to the prestine beaches of dakhlet
from the womb of my homeland
to this new world, cold and without soul
the_engineer block 020114
Grievance grey, misted, and forgotten in the lengths of distance of my vision, pale rain and thunder blinding the ends of my strings of sight, shortening what was once was.
the mirroring puddles on the ground grasp what the sky is. and the flora speaks symphonies of scents and tinted colors, all shouting in the direction of trancendance. Nature's peace of mind. Nature's sanction in the world.
The Earth Smells Fresh and Chill.
constance I know this guy.
named mountain.
epitome of incomprehensibility Looks closer than it really is, just because you can see it from far away.

The mountain here says it is Real, if badly translated, and there's a giant nipple on it called St. Joseph's oratory as well as green tree pimples.
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