ravensfears He who smelt it delt it. 020208
pipedream hahahaha

noone ever tells me my perfume smells good. somehow i either get drowned out by other smellies, or i just never exude perfume i wear.
another mysterious-girl thing down the drain. haha
no reason i like the smell of sunscreen. it always reminds me of summer. 030530
Candy Isn't it funny how a smell can trigger a memory. One from long ago, decades perhaps. I remember the way the desert smells before it rains. It doesn't smell like that here. What about pumpkin pie or coconut? How about chocolate or peanut butter? I miss the way the desert smells. It doesn't smell like that here. :( 040218
sameolme starched shirts make me want to run and hide. the smell means its time for school.
sit straight, don't talk, stop fidgeting, pay attention, get used to it. Theres a crawly thing going down my back, it denies that summer ever ended.
I pretend I don't feel it, but then somebody cracks a joke, and I'm crawly all over. smells good
keep breathing hehehe. yes i do sniff people. the best smelling people are guys after they have worked out. sounds strange, i know, believe me or try it. 041210
keep breathing lol, that directly above was supposed to go under "secret_smells." 041210
CT is what you would say whilst holding your nose and pointing at an old mans arm pit 070328
what's it to you?
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