bloodjetpoetry old babushka. has she nothing to do. she likes to go about mending dolls' heads. i think i will wear a scarf around my head. no red stars for me. no bloody red stars. just a scarf 011119
distorted tendencies what my mom is. and what i am a part of.
the language is a rich language with words..
the czechs hate us..

All's well.
splat Ïî âîïðîñàì ïðèîáðåòåíèÿ äàííîãî äîìåíà îáðàùàéòåñü ïî òåëåíîíó 030626
splat ooh, that does not look the same as i pasted ... cool anyway 030626
minnesota_chris see also: russia

and privyet! npubem!
misstree the russian language sounds like someone took french, beat the snot out of it for a while, then gave it a weight bench and taught it how to fight.

stork daddy "the russian tournaments are much harder than the olympic tournament or world championships are because at least in the world or olympic tournaments, there's only one russian wrestler." - 96 freestyle gold medalist at 215 lbs. Kurt Angle on the toughness of the russian wrestlers 040218
smurfus rex one of my BA's from Oklahoma State. 040218
smeefy Russian accents are awesome. Especially the men; I think it's sexy. Is it weird that I think they say "fuck" in the best possible way? I don't mean the sexual "fuck" either, I mean the angry "fuck you" fuck. *shrugs* 040315
stork daddy i just spent two hours being thrown around by a gruff middle aged russian man at wrestling practice. it's okay though, i'm learning russian bit by bit this way. of course i don't know when being able to say, keep your head down in russian will come in handy. i guess if i order one of those mail order brides. 040316
minnesota_chris I vill beat dis languach into you 040317
Especially those who live in Latvia, swear about Latvian people and keep telling that Latvia sucks. BUT WHY DONT U, FUCKFACED RUSSIANS, GO TO YOUR FRIGGIN MOTHERLAND RUSSIA AND ROT IN PIECES THERE???
Damn i hate those russian dickheads..
noname be calm my fellow. we are all friends here. the russians are just like all the rest of this wierd and wonderful world. if you wanted to hate russia, the time is past. you should have hated it when it was the Soviet Union. Now it is a democracy, just like Britain, or America, or France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Austria, or whatever. At least they can have a say in what their country is now. if you want to hate a country, hate Zimbabwe or something. Now that is ruled by a mad, racist, bastard. Mugabi, if you are reading this, I HATE YOU. There. Those white farmers have done nothing wrong there. I'm not racist, but they are going to pay. Those farmers grow food for them and they are all going to starve. Poor bastards. Somebody shoot Mugabi. Thankyou for listening to my ravings 040525
minnesota_chris all the power in Russia is held by a handful of wealthy men. Kinda like America.

Under capitalism, almost all of Zimbabwe's land is being held by a handful of rich people, and everybody else is broke and starving. Capitalism is sometimes kinda wrong, don't you think?
Luuseens reply to the anonymous noname - i do not hate Russia. i hate russians. they are flooding my country - Latvia - with their scum. they do not even know how to speak Latvian! anyhow, now, since we have joined Europe Union, i hope things will get better :) else shoot those niggers.. 041120
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