emmi monday, i overheard in the halls: '...finland is always at the top of...'

today, i overheard a guy in my lecture: 'saunas eh...i hate the finnish...'

i guess you either love them or hate them.

but if you hate them, surely i can be an exception.
emmi i told him i've been running into finnish people and he said why didn't i talk to them.

but the first time was in the tube when i heard two middle-aged women talking about sneakers. and no one talks in the tube, especially not to two middle-aged women, about sneakers.

the second time was at sainsburys in the vegetable section, two girls in maybe in their twenties talking about guy stuff, so it wasn't really my place to join.
minnesota_chris I told my grandmother (who is 100% Norwegian) that the Finns aren't really Nordic, they're related to the Hungarians and Ugric peoples, and probably came from nomadic tribes from Mongolia. She didn't believe me. 040529
minnesota_chris Nokia is a Finnish company. I'd like one of those Nokia phones they used in the Matrix. 040531
reue marinna parrakari
where are you elsa?
skinny Immortal - battles in the north 040531
emmi i'd almost forgotten how beautiful it is. not just visually- the sun setting behind a pine forest, the calm mirror-like lakes that stretch out to forever... but it's also something about the pure silence, the genuine kindness of people that is so hard to find, and the crispness of the air (even when it's warm) that makes it so much easier to breathe than anywhere else. 050921
Tropylium WINLAND 070427
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