clarivocal I've never been anywhere like that
I've never felt anything like this
I can't believe you'd take me here
Then leave me with my loneliness

I wish you'd not have left me
Alone here...All alone
kx21 where the Big Bang happened...
where You are now...
End Is Forever ...anywhere but here
...anywhere but in my thoughts
...anywhere but in my arms
...anywhere but close to me

ilovepatsajak if you leave
take me along
anywhere is ok
[remy] not here, you're not there,
and the only place you could be is [ ]
Qazual anywhere anything can happen... can i bump into you 021106
Qazual anywhere anything can happen... can i bump into you? 021106
kick in the face but why here? couldn't you go? wish i never met you 030123
camille a place where only the scenery changes, state of mind remains the same..anywhere~ 030823
ferret but where? 030823
nomme if_i_could_be 030824
in the darkened underpass i don't care i don't care i don't care 030824
Jen if you go there, go with me

if you walk out on me, i'm walking after you
0 ~ The Fool Now that I am here,
here in this echoing cavern
here in this cavernous universe,
Ah! What'll I do, what'll I do?
Why oh why am I here?
Ah, because I arrived. It is now clear.
I am here, because I have finally arrived!
what's it to you?
who go