emma it to me to fuck everything up.

also a noun.
Rainer Krauss I know everyone has to leave sooner or later, but why did you leave so early? 990226
adam when you did it hurt worse than everything else on earth..more than anything anybody could or would ever do to me. even being aware of the fact that i was so happy and now i'm not is not as bad as the pain i felt when you said you had changed..when you lied about loving me, when you left. 990302
OTK -the coffee on the counter
-the cigarettes in your pocket
-the cash under the carpet
-the dog to scratch his fleas
-because it tastes so good
-before i choose which door
-behind at least enough to get me through October
deb my heart breaks every time you go
without saying goodbye
jennifer if I close my eyes you can't see me
that's why I never close them when we kiss
Q uh, you "wish he 'could' leave"? uh, it's not his place, right? uh, if you don't want him around, tell him to leave - it's as simple as that. duh. 000211
Tess very literally, he did leave. and broke like crazy. she hurts, like crazy and my heart breaks too. 000211
MollyCule i am trying to dig the grave of this relationship.
you keep handing me shovels.
CheapVodka yes, you know it's gonna scar
so why stick around
and watch it swell and bruise
you are so morbid
why do you even care?
i do hate you
you may not believe it but i do
i had this dream the other day
it involved you
i've been sad so long
ever since
what...it's not dirty?
yes i know what i'm doing
why do you care
you're just gonna leave
of course it caused blisters
you sick fuck
but you're just gonna
Freak On the morrow he will leave me,
as my hopes have flown before
Quoth the Raven Nevermore.
blown cherry alone in a big cold house I am constantly surprised at how easily I am able to walk away when it is time to leave.
But I know I will see him again, that he wants to see me, and I think that this is the only thing that keeps me from wrapping myself around his leg as he climbs out of my car.
tsora she left me, alone with him
he left me, alone with her
they left me, bound and gagged
trapped in my own deception

everybody leaves
one day or another
I'll leave you, too
fucked once too often Days like this make me wonder
Days like this make me make no long term plans
p2 dude
make like a tree
and get outta here
basho I must have left my cap at your house 021115
Hope I'm only staying because I don't know how to leave. 030214
Dustin I wish she would just take her pathetic entity and leave....
I have never felt so much hate before.....
I am scared to know that I have the capacity to feel the way I do about her...
Hate is all I feel and hate is all I will ever feel for her....
Just leave and never, ever, ever come back....
niska why?

why all the hate?
Mahayana Let me be. Let her go. Let us not quarrel. Let it lie

[took leave of her with a heavy heart]
jamesmartymartin can you be weakerthan
and leave this place alone?
Krag I can't leave 031114
Death of a Rose just leave it in my inbox 031114
endless desire because you know you'll regret it. 031121
fetal musings just leave it all behind. Nobody will ever be able to help you... right? 031121
mae one of three options ever available, and the one that I think would probably work best for me, for us. If I could only ignore that nagging feeling that I miss you, it would be so easy 040114
tr always remember: IF I ever leave- you will never see me again. IF I leave, there will never be a coming back. 041219
que halfheartedness doen't reach to magesty 041220
Jesejmeshughes Leave me here in the night of my bitter dispair, when I'm up waiting for you only because I care. 050323
Dr Kensington I'll just dust the tv...and do another load of laudrey. Might call mum, suppose I could cook dinner, just pop it in the fridge for him. Would be rude not to, should just sweep out the front room and... oh , you're home already.

Another day, and I couldn't leave.
jlymry327 leave me, go ahead and fucking leave me...........................................................................
wait...................................................... ok-wait, no...dont go........
Isaou I have not even gone to you yet, but when I do it shall last less than a week and I'm oh so aware of that.

I have not even seen you yet, but my eyes are aching with the knowledge that in less than a month, I will once again be craving your presence.

I do not want to leave. I do not want to have to leave you again. But too soon the moment will come when we have to say goodbye, awkwardly depending on our company, and we will both spend the following weeks going over our every thought, action, and regret.

I do not want to leave you
FA113N Sometimes I think that it would be better if I leave now. Sometimes I think I should leave her.

My heart protests. I love her, I want to be around her, I want to share in her life. Be her best friend, because that place of honour is more than I could ever have aspired to.

Yet I love her. I should not love her. I do not want to love her.

A part of me wishes we had never met. Oh, I know, I love her, and to be without her, to have never known the sweet poetry and the busy hands, that would be a great loss. But if I'd never met her, I could never have hurt her.

I could never have hurt her so much that we have absolutely no possible future. No happy ending. No hope.

Would it be easer, then, to have never know her? Perhaps.

But I do know her, and I do love her, and I do not have any hope. So I should leave. I should not hang around on the borders of her life, an unnecessary distraction, the cause of sleepless nights.

Am I hurting her again? She denies it, but I know that it cannot be easy to be her, to be so... caught up in history and life and complications and soft skin and coffee.

To stay is to torture her, is it not? To stay is to let confusion reign. To mar her life with my presence.

What is the right thing to do? It is probably to leave, to bow out. To leave her to her happy life, her normality.

Yet I do not want to. I can never leave her. I should do the right thing. I should do the honourable thing. It scares me that I do not want to.

I want to stay, to share her daily chores, those moments of unsurpassed connection. Knees touching and shy smiles. I want to love her, forever, from the sidelines, a stalwart shield, a faithful friend. To never leave her.

I should not stay, but I cannot leave.
in a silent way no_one_lets_go_when_they_should. love is the ink that won't wash off. 130202
that should have been nobody_lets_go_when_they_should. 130202
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