sphinxradio i doubt you realize the strings you hold in your hand,
and if you did, i'm a little afraid of what you would do to manipulate your admirer.
maybe nothing. it could be i'm underestimating you.
it could be that he's found you for a reason.
i think i have to accept that i'll need to be there, though, in case no one else is.
let's say that the sun is lonely.
maybe that makes me the moon.
qazual i dont know.. i think there are certain things that are guranteed. 021111
p2 fabulous 021111
marjorie positively fucking beautiful 060414
no reason i always liked the whole absofuckinlutely thing 060414
f yes i have words
come back
no reason i also like the comfort in certainty 060523
what's it to you?
who go