The Champ them bones
them bones
dry bones
hand bone's connected to the
ankle bone
ankle bone's connected to the
hand bone
Now You're Grabbing Your Ankles
valis yikes! giant bugs! 991215
jennifer who is them
is just as justifiable as
who are they?
camille not us 000103
Kerouac Cat What's it like to be them? 000110
Quilk we might be them,
crocodiles, or
zebras to be themized by them
so be careful
whose chewing gum you shoe
and shoe you stick
your fist into
it might be its
brett puts up a wall of separation; exclusionary, as in 'us vs. them'. 000307
calliope how bout 'me vs. them'? sure seems like it sometimes. it's funny how the ones who are thought to be the most oblivious to 'them' are possibly the ones who know exactly what's been going on and just don't care enough to tell them so. petty petty life 000406
Brad watch out when this word comes out; prejudice of some kind often follows. 000524
Equin0x I never wanted to be one of them.
All I wanted was for one of them to want to be me.
birdmad an old movie from the 1950's about giant mutant ants 000709
The Schleiffen Man those people who aren't with us 000914
water nymph Olly,
a spirit i miss when we're apart,
always my brother at heart.
Love you.

i think of continuously,
with all the joys of Italy.
Love you.

from you i will never turn and flee,
i'd stay for eternity if you let me.
Love you.
Jon Sabrina,
Things have been tough,
I'll stay for eternity if I can
Love you

You're always there for me,
Marc has gone, Move on
Love you

You're allways there for everyone,
thankyou. Bring me home
Love you
startfires and who knows which is which an who's is who's 001006
the conveyor I don't know what's going on up there, but the words of water nymph and jon just put a shot through me.

I'm glad I saw them.
water nymph .......and now there is Nick 010212
Chrity go to:
ladybird them same words is pissin me off 010514
squacky flying rightly, only seeing left but thinking ambidextrously...on top of but sliding down at once...twice not three but twenty-six is not twenty-eight so up down all around is three but left is twenty two with............................................ 011113
god g-l-o-r-i-a 011222
/no-va/ /mob/ there is no "them" 030122
ashmanzhou the unnamable question dehumansation
the reduction of people to nothing
the fear of enemies the fear of the unnamed
them can be a we
them can exist as a human
them can be more than just empty hate
we are them to them and they are them to us
randomly recent "petty petty life"

*~K ahh well. they say caged birds always sing. fuck em. what do 'they' know anyway? 040802
nom we are them 060810
what's it to you?
who go