jennifer "when you become obsessed with something, your brain filters out everything else... the number 216. You will find that number in everything: 216 steps from your door to the subway. 216 variations of the pattern on your wallpaper. 216 breaths you take in an hour..." 000509
moonshine Tom petty? 000623
birdmad crimes 010107
Sintina small or unimportant.
Or seeming to be small or unimportant.
What is petty to you,
may be desperately important to me.
bluerasberryFrost Sec. 216. - Penalties and injunctions ? 040212
rat_poison Lump-sum appropriations.
Operating capital outlay.
Other personal services.
Special categories.

In distinguishing between payments to be made from salaries and benefits appropriations and other-personal-services appropriations:

"Performance-based program appropriation" means the appropriation category used to fund a specific set of activities or classification of expenditure within an approved performance-based program.
mooman tchitty tchitty bang bang 040503
dosquatch Richard. 040503
moss I once dated a guy who I am pretty sure is gay, but he still hasn't admitted it. But that's not the point, nor the petty. He was a part of something called the Moped Army. One of the branches of this army is called Peddy Cash. I thought it was a really clever name. I think they are the Chicago branch. Then, completely unrelated, yet it is somehow, I signed up for online banking and it prompted me to name my account. I chose the name "petty cash" because I like to think of money as a petty thing and when I named my account I thought about the moped army, Peddy Cash, and my ex-boyfriend. 060813
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