~gez~ how come no one has ever posted this. does nobody have anything to post about there thanks to anything else, anbody else. i think that is wrong. the world needs to be as one. long live the monkeys 020823
. thank_u
thank_you_very_much thanks
. smartass 031013
User24 for giving me half your pay, it means a lot.. I know that's a little odd, considing that you're giving it to me as a thankyou, and even odder given that you're giving it to me as a thankyou for giving you half mine for all these years, but still, I'm touched and pleased. 031017
notme for sacrificing your musical careers so that you could raise us as a family
even if it meant you had to take horrible jobs and be poor
sell stuff door to door
you thought it would be better than us living on the road in tour buses
because you've never had a real home
and even though i've moved over a dozen times in my life mom, it doesn't compare to your eighty-some homes
i'm sorry you rarely sing anymore
i'm sorry your gibson pegs still need fixing
i'm glad i helped you track down one your old bandmates i'm sorry we found out one of them is dead just like the other one whose photo i found on the internet
i think it's odd when i see the guess who or baez on tv and i hear your stories of the bands that came before them and how she kissed you like a russian general
they are beautiful stories and i will always try to remember them
i'm sorry you gave up the record contracts that were handed to you
i'm sorry i used to pluck at your guitar strings when i was little
i'm sorry you never really play together anymore
i'm sorry i wasn't there
to hear you when you sang at the troubador
thanks for teaching me my first chords and how not to strum and how not to tune
i'm sorry i used to let my friends over
to play on your drums dad i'm sorry you're not well enough to play them i'm sorry you sold some of them when we fought that time when you threw my shoes at me and i said i hated you
i'm sorry i got sick of hearing santana
i love hearing about the battle of the bands and neil young and i'm sorry your plane never got to india
i'm sorry i got tired of all the creative ways you found to hang gongs in our living room
but thanks for coming back to canada both of you
thanks for sacrificing the last thirty years i hope i haven't been too much of a burden
i hope i can make something of myself
so i can repay you
when i hear some of your old friends on the radio it almost breaks my heart
and i'm sorry if there are spelling mistakes or typos cause i can't look back right now
Whitechocolatewalrus I'll sit where I want to sit, thankyou. I'll sit by the window thankyou. No, I do not like how you treat me, but thankyou for understanding. I'll be silent all year long whether you like it or not. But thankyou for accepting my apology right here and now. I appreciate it. 031120
Doar blue for casting your nets upon this sea and dredging up these slippery silver fish, who drown when lifted out of your comfort and embrace 031120
Parki FUCK OFF!!!!!

Your love is perfect
This day is yours

Thank you for everything
what's it to you?
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