jake means nothing unless it doesn't happen again. 990203
coldtea Please ignore that last message.
It was an accident and I was ill
it was raining and the phone was ringing
the dog was barking the frying pans were dancing
I overslept and missed the bus
I fell into the hands of evil gypsies
without accordions. I was alone and
the Constitution was being plagiarized
(word for word!) so I had to do something
I sprang to my defenses and ate
the sandbox. It came dribbling out
the grains of sand,
like 8 8 8. So just delete the email
and try not to think about it.
Zed I really mean it. Sorry.

sorry. sorry.
daxle I can apologize but I can't be sorry. One more reason I'm an asshole. 990506
daxle and actually, even though I can apologize, I pretty much don't. 990506
jessica words that only mean something once and never again. 990922
wesleann i'm sorry i say i'm sorry all the time. but it's not you, really. i stopped apologizing to you long ago. now, when i say i'm sorry, it's to myself. 000115
adam this is a confession.

i am wrong.

i hurt.

i wound.

i am evil.

i will hate myself forever.

and ever.

and allow nothing

to ever let me forgive myself

for this.

im sorry.

this is my confession.

my apology.

is this enuf?
klarchen I am sorry for not being more sorry.

Being sorry is not good enough.

Is it?

Im sorry, am I confusing you?

Sorry if I am.

Oh, sorry, I am sorry for saying sorry so many times.

Sorry about that.
Tank for some things, some situations, this does not exist. 000810
Q and shouldn't 000810
sarpedon is not a synonym for excuse 000810
misstree i should offer an apology to all the blatherites... i have been spewing much uninspired crud lately, but please, understand that i need to... strangeness abounds, my other voices are silenced, and here, in this deep blue sanctum, i can poke at the wounds and see where it hurts.

so, thank you, and i'm sorry.
silentbob i'm sorry about last year
i never thought i'd meet you here
at the interesction of friendship and awkward pauses
a four way stop sign i'm so often stuck at
and now our relationshi is like a head on collision
to look at you is to pass by a wrecked car the jaws of life are feverishly gnawing at
and the only way to kelp is to stay out of the way
silentbob so many fucking misspellings

plus many many more...
fucked once too often I refuse to fucking apologise for every act of love I ever made for you.
Everything that ever smotherered you.
Everything that ever oppressed you.
Everything that will eventually drive you from me completely.

Why should I apologise for giving you everything I ever had to give,
even when I had nothing for myself.


You never apologised for all those times you hurt me.
You never gave a shit.
Maybe you gave a fart by the time it was too late.


Fuck you and all your half assed sincerity.
Fuck you for all the times you didn't care enough to stop hitting me.
Fuck you for all the times when you let me think you might have loved me.
Fuck you for lying so VERY well.

Maybe you'll learn the art of the sincere apology someday.
Then you can add it to your repertoire of false faces.
princess i'm sorry that you think you mean enough to me to actually make me think i owe you an apology. 020610
outov I'm sorry
for everything
Im sorry
for nothing
Im sorta sorry that sorry aint sorry.
The apology needs to apologise to itself for a change.
oldephebe you tried to offer some slipshod subsistitute for sorry while still trying to save face..this is what you can do for me..never enter my life again..never contact anyone i know, nothing that ever issued out of that conniving slit you call a mouth ever even resembled the truth..only my misguided fealty to our fake friendship allowed me to endure your bilous ego..away..away from me fiend hearted and shaped in hells hottest hole
Perplexlypuzzled No apology in the world can make up for what has happened in my life. No apology in the universe can change my mind. I will not forgive him and crying a river shall not make me change my mind. It is my wish that he remember every scream, every thunderstrike, every slap, and every plea. It is my wish that he wake up each night with nightmares and sweat pouring through his head like honey - Slow and painfully delayed, yet still coming, forever draining. No, no apology can make me forgive him. I pity him. I hate the fact that I once called him friend. And I pity him, for once I thought him to be a human.. a person. Now all I see is a defeated prisoner of his own selfish acts.

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sigh this is for you.

I was hasty, I've seen the cycle run it's course before, and I wrote what I did before this episode had evolved fully. I should have given you time to fix it yourself.. meh.. anything I say will only exacerbate. including these last words.

sorry, Ctrl-Z, undo, I take it back.

you know who I am.
even more sighing and now I'm not even sure if it was in fact you... 031103
reue my descent has come full circle
unequalled dwindling
whats worse is that i feel selfish
several people i care for has so much to complain about
deficit in my own falsehoods

wish there was a way to make amends
misstree that's all it would take
to put the ghosts to rest.
Syrope he apologized, out of nowhere. said he knows he hasn't "acted right when it comes to" me and that he had been "thinkin about how i act in general, and im pretty dissatisfied with it overall"...and surprise, surprise, he wants to change.

i wanted to ask which set of events it was that made him want to apologize - ignoring my firm and repeated refusals and unintentionally but still-technically forcing himself on me, or not speaking to me at all since it happened.

instead i told him i appreciated him sharing this bit of new info with me, but that he didn't have to worry about me...that i can take care of myself.

so now, which one of us told the biggest lie?
what's it to you?
who go