mbr.exe collusion with i 031128
Piso Mojado 4 of us drove to a Unitarian Universalist church for the local Pagan group's weekly gathering, but found only 6 men and women in a small room 4th grade classroom, in the midst of their "Reclaiming Democracy" meeting. 050203
endo Some believe that love comes around...
It stabs them in the heart before it makes any sound.
No matter how careful they are ignoring love’s return
With those four letters, they often get burned.
Consciousness opens, while they’re away
Unveiling emotions that leads them astray.
When someone they love steps in their path
They often believe that right there is their start.
They go through several relationships to fulfill their life...
But this nexus of partners may only bring strife.
Some people want love, but settle for less
They often apologize for the other’s regress.
When people love, they may also hate
They hate doing things that can often frustrate.
Emotions come, bubbling forth
A piercing geyser of love of some sort.
What is it that some people feel
That causes the other’s heart to clam up like steel?
What is it that goes through their mind
That creates a living vault of some kind?
Some may be on the verge of lasting love, on the very threshold of infinity
Others may only wind up losing their precious, short-lived dignity.
What is it about those four lettersL.O.V.E…?
What is it about them that people can’t see?
What is it about those four lettersH.A.T.E…?
Why is it, that some who once loved, can hate so easily?
Through the brightness of love that may shine
Hate may be lurking, silhouetted behind.
It’s up to us; we’ll have to decide
What one can do, when LOVE and HATE collide!
loveishateandhateislove a river has white rapids that look like archways to hell and whirlpools that seem like the key to perfect oblivion. but from the moon, its still a beautiful vein of blue amongst shitty dirt brown. 050329
Morcheeba " ... . stuck in the mud...


.. eyes blindfold..

..i'm so mad...

and it's getting worse.....

nothings wrong.....

a sudden blast .....

..... summer keeps on coming on ....

.............. "
what's it to you?
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