mad madame mim with a passion I soothe the wounds that you inflict on my heart 991225
marjorie after reading fight club, every time i think of burned flesh
i see in my mind Tyler, making a kiss on the back of a hand
to burn with lye
saliva to facilitate a step forward
Our minds stop at a certain point
and we cannot move forward
until we're pushed
and forward we tumble
as the ground rises to meet us
and we hit rock bottom
girl i accidentally burned my hand with a cigarette. at first it shocked me. it was ofcourse an unexpected burn. then i realized that i really liked it. it was a comforting feeling. i didnt burn myself again though. i think the surprise made it more exciting. i wouldnt want to expect another burn theyre best when they sneek up on you. 000327
chaotic_poet fire bright it dances in my hand. I jump, it goes. Dancing to the sink, I wash away the pain in a stream of cold. 010910
unhinged i burned my whole right palm when i was a child and couldn't eat for like a month because ambidexterity when you are four years old is a complete joke. it took me an hour to eat dinner. my dad would leave me hershey bars when he left for work early in the morning because they were my favorite thing in the world to eat when i was that age. i remember every time we stopped at the convienent store i would always ask for them. i was the kind of child that took forever to eat a candy bar and ended up with it all over my clothes especially when my right hand was covered in gauze. i ended up popping the blister when i was jumping on my parents bed and lost my balance and slammed my right hand against the wall. i will never forget how it felt when all that warm liquid was running down my arm. 010910
ELONAR spend too much money on the surgery that will cover your scars
scars are ugly, plastic surgery creates beauty to mask what has happened to you
forget the pain with the expensive plastic
CheapVodka Burned

i'm sorry
i'm sorry i didn't listen when you said it hurt
when you said no more
i just pretended it was ok
i'm sorry you can't hear my voices
i'm sorry it sounds like i'm crazy
i regret not knowing you're there
i hurt to know your away
i'm terribly alone now
without your smile
i'm the one that hurtz now
and i know how it feelz
i can empathize but it's too late
i'm sorry i can't touch you anymore
i'm terrified to live tomorrow without you
i'm bored with myself now
bored with this cycle i live
every time
i am left here
left here to sit by myself
alone to think about everything i ever did wrong
it's sad that i know the answers
i know how it will end
i feel pathetic today
without you
Teenage Jesus Freewheelin' Franklin : "Fat Freddy, take our last hundred bucks and go out and score us a lid...and don't get burned this time!"

Fat Freddy : "Aw, when have I ever got burned?"
silentbob you burned me a cd and if you had done it three days ago i would have been fantasizing, overanalyzing and obsessing over you. but for some reason and i really cant figure out why, my crush on you has diminished and... i don't know if it will recover. 040125
bryn I used to be a star; a bright shinny star. Then I got to hot, used up all my fuel. So I supernova-ed. Colasped and couldn't shine like I used to. I burned far too quickly, and far too hotly.
So I wonder; was it worth the blast and colaspse? Was my bright beautiful quick momment worth it? Or should I have burnned slow and cool and dull? Many times I regret my decision, but I think I would have it no other way with out going against my nature.
My super-nova hurt though. It still hurts, and I still am recovering
x yet icy cold 040329
god pre-burned
wander risk
peyton i'm burned so deeply
that i'm freezing

i'm not sure if that makes sense.. have you ever been out in the sun so long, that when you came inside you felt like you couldn't hold heat anymore? heat had so permeated you that you couldn't hold it in anymore.

it's like i'm burned thin and full of holes.. like brittle and burned fabric
what's it to you?
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