the void I weave in and out of words 000425
Equin0x To explore, curious and unworried, a little distance from the others. 000524
fish curious and unworried.. but i still wandered too far from the path to ever find it again.. maybe i'll find elsewhere instead.. 011013
jete i once wandered out into the world and found out that if i went far enough i ended up right where i had started, right here, with you 011013
distorted tendencies lust. 011013
Fire&Roses Will you wonder where I wandered once upon a when When you're writhing in wonder within my wishes without me then Then will you wonder where I wander and when and how far i went? 030810
Death of a Rose I describe for you a flower,
seen once many years ago,
and return with impassioned haste
to the window to watch
dissapointment walk toward my unlocked door.

Upon cushioned impact, I step back
decades, recalling smiles and
words; ah.....forgive me, promises.

How can I remember your face
with only photographs?

My hand isn't responding to my useless
Have another smoke and remember the
pages of semi circles spread upon the

Does everything stumble when uttered?

My minutes are hours,
Hours are daze,
Daze is forever.

I look to my wrist and watch it break
as if bound to Hercules arrow.

Nothing matters except lines with warmth.
Nothing matters except teaching and learning to watch.
Nothing matters except pressure.

There are no conventions with muted weavings.

I would lose my pride with the quick slash.
Take the pain apart to find its source.

Believe nothing, for the angels
never miss a hated soul that has remained beating.

Such pompous words, such that even this is inextricable from nearness.

I can't recall a single moment when I
am free of you. Nor do I wish to.

You will haunt me with broken bottle
nights, and I lie here not knowing how
or when hell will freeze over, or if I will still be able to continue to walk down this path.
0 ~ The Fool Brash, though I be,
I just have to be me.
As I bumble along
in this merriment's song,
in this moment I am strong!
With this lightness of air,
I can go... anywhere!
I.T.S. I am free
To go wherever I please
For all
of my days
what's it to you?
who go