klairchen they break like my heart.. 030624
god that reminds me of an old eric clapton song called "promises":

I don't care if you never come home
I don't mind if you just keep on rowin' away on a distant sea
Cus I don't love you and you don't love me

You cause a commotion when you come to town
You give 'em a smile and they melt
And your lovers and friends is all good and fine
But I don't like yours and you don't like mine
taffy a fancy name given to lies
the worst way to hurt someone
a stab in my heart
thanks for nothing
werewolf he had seen her laughing with same the other day. "promise me you'll only make out with me in my car." she laughed. "can i borrow your car tomorrow?" he thought to himself, she is so beautiful, so uncompromising. the rain held them into the car, the rain was a canopy, it was the same rain that floods roads and keeps kids home from school. it was that kind of rain. they kissed long, slow. he opened his eyes, and she was closing hers. such loyalty to me and herself he thought. he wondered if she opened her eyes while he was closing his. they took turns exhaling, her neck was salty, his lips were soft. they touched, don't stop, they didn't stop. later, he held her, his arm across her back. "i like it when you hold me this way, with your arm diagonal, it covers more space. i feel safe. you're like my mama bear." he laughed. "you have nothing in the world to fear...but me" she made one of those hypothetical jokes - and then you go "rarrr!" like someone suddenly attacking. he thought how giving any of this to anyone else would possibly feel very empty. and yet he wanted emptiness somehow. was it cowardly or brave to want that emptiness, to spite your own heart for it. two sides of him, in a war of equilibrium, strengthening and sapping his embrace. 040426
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In_Bloom I make them sparingly and only very serious ones I'm pretty sure I wouldn't dare want to break 090929
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