deb i stabbed the table tonight at village inn
-actually took a knife
and stabbed the table-
and all because of that little....

how is it that i once thought
better of him?
seeing him as he is
without the thick fog
clouding my eyes,
i can't understand what i saw

and now when i even THINK
of him,
i unknowingly take a knife
and jab it into a table?

god, he really mindfucked me didn't he
girl do it and then twist the knife as violently as you can! please? do it!
you know you can, youve done it before.
i know you want to so cut the crap and get on with it! dont worry about me, im used to it anymore. i think i might actually like it.
In_Bloom How many days go by until we miss our luck?
Untimely luck
There are too many cameras watching for even a hurried kiss
So we talk about car seats and shoes, schedules and dark spaces
After a silence and a few deep breaths there's nothing to do but squeeze each other's hand and part with a fresh wound
what's it to you?
who go