emma three sides on a triangle. laugh untill your sides split. 020823
marjorie you don't have to choose
or switch
or even think about it
you don't have to care
you don't have to worry
you don't have to bother
Debby people say that they try to not take sides. but that's all just bull. cuz you know you're taking someone's side, and if you don't take the woman's side, then you'll probably end up being in trouble. 070902
fuffle oh... yeah but maybe it's better just to walk out the room, if people want to fight then just let them deal with it, being in the middle of it could really get you into trouble especially if you have nothing to do with it. I just hope there is a way to get the civilians out.
it's not fair to be dragged into tit for tat shit when you don't choose to be a part of it.
what's it to you?
who go