paste! there is this place down on 9th street, where the hydrants, even though separated by feet upon feet of sidewalk, get the chance to share their thoughts with each other. most of the time the thoughts are about water. 011210
Beth when you touch my face. That's when the tenderness washes over you in this huge obvious wave, and all of that hard defense you work so hard at keeping so that nothing gets close enough to break you finally falls away. And you give loving me a chance, totally forgetting how dangerous falling in love is. I live for those moments. 020804
LazySpies wont wake before 9 I live for those moments too if only they were real.

If only you didn't like to trick me and take everything you offer away.

Hire new spies.
sami i like youre stijle 040519
Syrope just then. did you feel that? 040919
what's it to you?
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