hymn of the indulgent ascetic ...
i held your hands
(but none on that finger)
we danced and danced
but i was scared to go
much further with it
just half a chance
make sure that
one night you're here but
next night you're not
it always leaves me
searching for a little

(when you're sick to death
of second best)

why should the morning
always find you unimpressed

[oh this all-night longing can be such a long time]

----general public '84
sweetheart of the song tra bong I knew this man who fought to get out of his skin all day, every day. He wanted us to destroy him with the tender. 010922
silentbob we held eachother and we were shaking and so afraid and told she told me it would all be ok and i told her that i was so glad she came out ok. one of the scariest things i've ever experienced 010922
anja your mails. 051011
Syrope the way he spoke about her, without a single drop of tenderness, made me feel like i might be justified.

people like us, we don't have to compensate
unhinged such a rare commodity. my soft parts stabbed so many times with words, looks, i'm afraid i lost all of mine. steeled against the gutwrenching emptiness.

your eyes, hands so soft when they finally held me. such a rare commodity.
In_Bloom "I don't make love, I fuck."
Okay well and fine.
Your words passed in through one ear and out the other because even in that, you lied.
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