setsuna meiou every morning I get up, when I would much rather sleep, and I check this great machine of words

and I look for hers

and I yearn for more

so, spin your wonderful webs of life and spin me into the future
so I can be by your side
camille http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/8736/longing.wav 000209
roxy when all my wounds heal i know it's time to see you again. 000225
klarchen I love to steal at twilight
To the desolate,somber shore,
Sweetheart,there to think of you!

When the ceiling grows dark,
The reeds rustle secretively,
They lament and whisper
That I should weep.

And I think I hear drifting
Softly the sound of your voice
And in the water sinking
The strains of your sweet song.
Joana. It's when I sit here
Drowning in my own inertia
That I feel this more intensely
I know I long for something
To rip this stillness
When I stare at these bleak walls
When I feel so dead inside
There's always this to keep me awake
I long for two seconds with your words
But I always lose mine when you return
Your existence feels like it's fading
You only live inside my mind
But my memory will cling to you
I long for 2 seconds facing you
But you think I will fake my smile
And hide my disgust
I see your beauty
But it's not blindness that prevails... it's awareness
I'm happy that you're there
That I have seen glimpses of you
But I would fly away from here
To be closer to you
Everything coming from this is words
Void and cold
And the longing won't cease
Until I become a part of reality.
Splinken "don't you wanna care?/ain't it lonely out there?" 000623
disallowed It's a sound I couldn't make.
'Till now i'course, I didn't know I could need someone like you. Or anyone.
I didn't think I could. But I don't want it to stop, feel wrong but in such a good way y'know?
grendel don't make me dream about you 000722
power through passion denotation: from a concept of distance
connotation: negative and involuntary
implication: a twinge of pain

or maybe a lifetime

I long to hear the voice of infinity
I long to feel the smooth lover's caress
I long to sense the beauty of nature
and of history
I need my longing
It helps me to be who I am

or who I could be

but it carries with it dangers
of the mind and of the soul

to long for perfection
is to never arrive at one's destination

why is it so hard to reject
my drive for the impossible

I will be able to feel
the joy of awareness
I may never again enjoy
a lover's touch
I will never hear the full glory
of infinity's roar

I must accept some limits on my longing
lest I lose all that I have left
as I whittle myself away
supposedly to perfection
in reality to a point of nothingness
longing to find her. longing, what a way to say how i feel. does the root denote the fact that that it will be a long time till i feel whole-till i find the key to unlock the me i wish i could be?
Nick I'm tired of wanting. Its wearing me out emotionally. Slowly but surely I feel my resolve crumbling beneath the denseness of my passion. Loose translation: I desperately need to fuck my boyfriend senseless. This morning I woke up clutching my pillow, and for a brief, half conscious moment, I thought it was him and I was happy. I must have been dreaming of him. there was a sense of him, though he's never set foot in that room. its scares me that he's all I think about when I have a free moment and that he's such a big part of me now that I scarcely remember what I thought about before him 020331
erinicolejax And I wake
I check if there
are any remnants of you
that I can hold on to
And the longing
sets in.
Pronunciation: 'lo[ng]-i[ng]
Function: noun
Date: before 12th century
: a strong desire especially for something unattainable

Are you unattainable?
Because this is longing.
Are you unattainable?
trip Is the world still around, I feel it not.Only blue, without a touch..tender wind with an eager mind.. Are dreams still around? I do feel a lot.. 021216
unhinged grows like a seed
from me to you
to have
to hold
i think i am more
than i used to be
but having you next to me

i can't see past my nose
i remember when your face
was so close
sprhrgrl eternal. just seemingly, i hope, but for now eternal. 021217
Ambience Bitter for no reason
Longing for the solitude
I find in you
You accent my every feature
You reflect my inner self
-in your eyes
-in your words
You say everything I wish I could
-without fear
Longing for the sollitude
that I cannot reach without you
for what I see in you.
. Maybe you should react.

I'm tired of nothing happening.
god i went to eat at this restaurant on the moon.
the food was good, but there was no atmosphere.
s am i alone here
tapping pencil against my head
forget we were going to hang out again?
i cancelled those other plans for u
why arent u answering ur phone?
am i a fool
for ever liking you
am i alone
stork daddy she liked older men
stronger men
men who either never were crippled by doubt
or who struck their eyes from it and passed it when younger.
When they erred
it was always on the side of agression
they were too busy practicing law or medecine or rugby, or justifying their existence through fucking to care about problems of morals or the good life.
and for her part
she didn't need someone to raise doubts...she did that well enough on her own
she didn't want to be oddysseus's goddess, a blind devotion to one story's plot advancement, to being faceless, a name you made up to describe a time in your life.
she wanted someone who would grab her
yes she wanted to be grabbed, to be real
even if it was only for one night at a time
Spinner i long for him right now, it hurts to be away from him, but to give in, to run back, will only fortify my doormat persona... then why do I feel so bad? why? when all I have is myself, to give to him or to deny him. why can't I have things my way for once? I guess, if I were important enough he'd make the time. I hate this feeling... I just want to curl up in his bed with him, and talk about our passions and ideals, our futures, our feelings... hug and kiss. I need a hug and a kiss... 040827
angelicish I'm always longing, and life's always shorting 041213
Staind_And_Souless For you.
you'll be here soon. I know it/ BEcause if you_are_not what do I do?
Syrope i don't know which is worse,
being angry
or knowing that because i'm angry
you're not going to come let me be angry in your direction

i'd stay away too
i am anyone and know nothing for what are you longing?
I do not know
so it ceases to be yet it is just the same
you are longing
are you not?
I am longing for something
I am somehow alone
and untrusting of the paths of which I
can see...
and I want to see the paths that lead through the dark
it's so dark
I can't see
I thought I was strong once...
I just keep longing
oh...where does the soul go?
How shall I, then?~L
kiwibird ...nothing to be done... 050618
kyree a longing for wholeness. 050618
nonlucid queasy
i_want_you, like i've wanted every_other_boy
it was the same

and at the same time i don't want you
don't trust you
can't tell you

you, the asian guy with slightly spiky hair
the brilliant boy (man? does nineteen make a man?)
if you're a man, I'm still a girl

he is not for me
but i want him
emily dickinson
I envy seas whereon he rides,
I envy spokes of wheels
Of chariots that him convey,
I envy speechless hills

That gaze upon his journey;
How easy all can see
What is forbidden utterly
As heaven, unto me!

I envy nests of sparrows
That dot his distant eaves,
The wealthy fly upon his pane,
The happy, happy leaves

That just abroad his window
Have summer's leave to be,
The earrings of Pizarro
Could not obtain for me.

I envy light that wakes him,
And bells that boldly ring
To tell him it is noon abroad, —
Myself his noon could bring,

Yet interdict my blossom
And abrogate my bee,
Lest noon in everlasting night
Drop Gabriel and me.
misstree a heavy sigh for his absence.
i didn't realize i cared enough
to wistfully hope,
until this moment's whispers
showed my spots.
it doesn't make me long any less.
. make it stop somebody please make it stop 060410
LS ...juts....longing... 060410
blather spellcheck. "just", even. 060410
alternate reality sab-friendly bsc jsut 060411
:) :) 060411
minnesota_chris who isn't sab-friendly?

liking sab is like liking bacon
auburn I am sitting in a tea shop that is causing me to inconsolably long for my long lost blather days. 090412
Fyooshia You break my definitions of what love can be, what it means and why it matters to us. I keep looking for the same old ways of being and they aren't there. I think that is because they were stale and broken and reeking of inadequacy, and now I am finally seeing this bright beam of light darting around me. A new way. A way I don't understand and can't keep a hold of all the time, and scares me into a panic because what if I will never learn, or never be ok with it? What if this is another tragedy. I can know without a doubt that you love me, but this is a different way to do it. And I don't know why it hurts. You told me you long after "her", a lovely, wonderful, perfectly acceptable her, you long because you cannot have. If you could, there would be no longing, only rejoicing, and I would be rejoicing with. But the longing...I am left out of the longing. And suddenly I feel ss if there is no one in the world longing after ME. And I want you to look at me like that..."with longing in your eyes". Even though I have so many other pieces of you. Selfish, self-centered, pathological of me. I burn myself with the accusations of ego and shame. And choke upon the bitter yoke of my own longing. 090610
Jurisprudence Times are I suspect you think me childish
but when I feel you ease me into your embrace
and touch my hair behind my back
I am not alone
I am not alone
My thoughts are not wasted
I am not a fool
You are not laughing
I am not alone
Soldier of Something What I want is possible. Hell, it's even probable. More probable than lots of other things that have materialized, anyway. Plus, I'm worth it. So where is it? Why can't I find it? Until it is real to me I'll never stop seeking. 090914
three words i_hurt_myself longing emotionless 110103
Risen When I was younger, I was always longing for something. Yearning for some thing or some one... anything, really.

The history of what we long for is, in a way, a history of who we are. Our goals, our values, our desires... they make up large pieces of the puzzle that is the human condition.

As a child, I longed for closeness. An only child of parents who were absent, busy, disinterested and about as nurturing as a steak knife. I wanted normality, I wanted love.

As a teenager, I was always looking backwards, trying to recapture a feeling of being loved, or being happy, which I could never quite grasp in the present. Always wondering what else was out there, thinking the grass was greener somewhere else. Childish, but true.

In my mid 20s, I wanted redemption. Forgiveness. A chance to prove who I was, who I'd changed into. I longed to feel as though I had earned the right to be happy again. I bent over backwards to try to earn forgiveness for the unforgivable... but forgiveness isn't bought, it's gifted.

Looking back, I realise when I went too far in the opposite direction. The moment I made a bad choice. Why I made it, what that says about who I was at the time... It's ridiculous and prosaic and maudlin.

I used to long for a past love... usually, but not always, whomever was the last love. Now, I find that there is no longer a person attached to the concept of "love" - there is no longing for what was, because there is nothing to remember. No lingering hopes or "what if"s to haunt me.

I no longer long for anything, and suddenly I realise that this has been an exorcism. I am no longer haunted, because I do not cling to my ghosts.
Lemon_Soda This ^^^ 170713
unhinged i admire your nonattachment

i am still trying to learn the lesson of let_it_all_go
what's it to you?
who go