Quake The conscious is always subservient in creativity to the subconscious, because the conscious is too busy watching out for things like snakes, fallen away apples, walking ribs, wildebeasts, ruts, ice IX, eclipsed supernova remainders, blue canoes, red boxer shorts, and earthsong roses on white sheets. 000222
rober when we're conscious we are aware, we know...but we don' we aren't 010325
((opiate_womb)) im still lingering inbetween consciousness and unconsciousness.. i dont know where i am... disconnected...
im living in a surrealistic world where everything is in slow motion and black and white.. there are only snaps of what i see.... bring me back to MY reality....
Casey In this state I am trapped in a world full of...limits. But when I achieve unconsciousness, I am free, I rule my own world. 010627
Tater Head ...Fantasy of a Shattered Conscience...


...Awww, Tear...
optic discretion I don't think anyone is ever truly conscious besides the time when they are first born and when they die. For only then do they have no worries, only then are their heads truly clear. They need not please anyone, they need not conform to any standards but their own. If only I were conscious now ... 011230
oren After a bit of wine, I feel no need to please anyone or conform to any standards. I should think there are other times when one feels this way, such as when high on any mind-altering drugs. There are also moments during orgasm when I feel completely separated from the constrictions of the world. 011230
(apprentice) cube Just how long does your average orgasm last Oren? You make it sound like a week's vacation...
oren Oh my.

I've opened the proverbial can_of_worms.

Rest easy, cube³! My O's are nothing out of the ordinary, I assure you. However, I can certainly break them down into segments (albeit short segments!):

1. The rush.
2. The moment of final decision.
3. The release.
4. Euphoria
5. Coming down.

Next time you have one, see if you can identify the segments in yours.
sexy_pirate_robot_ClairE aye, aye, cap'n!

oren I love it when she bzzzt's like that. Damn! 011230
Aaron blured with my sub, my mind being turned into a playground for nonexistant voices.. talking to me about things that don't exist.. trying to drive me insane.. but i won't give in.. if only i can find a way to get them out of my mind.. so i don't hear the voices that talk to me abou things that arn't real.. taping and tapping.. and whops and all kinds of strange things that just don't make sence.. they try of confuse me.. make me so i can't make decissions... they make me so i can't be mysilf.. so that i won't know who i am... trying to erase my past and distort my future... i'm just trying to be free.. without voices to bother and confuse me... 011230
Harlequin Consciousness is directly related to intelligence, as your intelligence grows, so do the levels of consciousess' you have. You are able to percieve very little on a low number of consciousness', while on a high level, you can think not only of what you're thinking, but what everyone and everything is thinking 020408
radioactive talking parrot All eyes on me
Nothing to hide
Nothing to hide behind
All my faults will be revealed
The fact that I didn’t write good notes
I didn’t read that whole book even
How can you do a report on half a book?
It wasn’t really even a book
It was a short story
I said it was a book
I said I read the whole thing
I was sure no one would notice
I was positive I couldn’t be caught
But here I stand
In the direct line of fire
I’m sure to be uncovered for the lying cheat that I am
I’ve always been a little shady
I never finished my math homework in kindergarten
Probably because I never had math homework in kindergarten
But nothing matters anymore
It’s all going to go down right now
Right here
I should have been more honest
I should have been less of a procrastinator
I should have never eaten that crayon in preschool
If I had remembered all this
If I had known all this...
I never knew what I know now
I never knew I was so wrong until it all hit rock bottom
And now that I’m here
Rock bottom is a lot harder than I pictured it
I hoped it would have a few casually discarded pillows
I prayed that it wouldn’t be so dark
I opened my eyes
I looked up at the instructor
I lied
I lied my whole life
Now I was doing it again
I always meant to stop
I never meant to abuse my ability
But I went too far and now I’m trapped
The trip down was so gradual I never noticed
But the darkness sure is clear now
The worst part is…really
That I know I’ll get away with it
I’ll get an A-
I’ll never change my ways
I’m really quite hopeless after all
Destination? I stay conscios of thought, words leave bullet holes on my brain. I can't erase what I say, so I stay within my reigns. The etymology of my thought steams back to before the womb, when i was just idea, before conception had insued. Formed into deception of a world with blanked stares, i sold my unopened eyes for a taste of how to care. I became their collaboration void of explination already fighting reputation, was i the mistake to bare. The reflection in the mirror, looks a little too close to me but yet its it seems to be the face that i have yet to see. How do I stand shaking unveiled before you here, you expecting me, me so unaware. I wish i could be that all powering, all knowing, all seeing me, but my life is alwaysw better trapped inside my dreams. This secular choke hold thats being tightened around my neck, evades my life of meaning; i am being killed by regret. Of what was never done, and what was never said, like the obvious i realize this only on my death bed. If i had this sand over to fall beneath the time, would have done it differently, silenced unheard cries. This place where i now dwell is unprecedented to the rest, with fire in my eyes and ice in my chest my internal character is being put to the test, not by the holy trinity but by my minds incompatence. I should have seen the other side for what it had bestowed, i lived with only the epitomy that i could not implode until my heart went caving in knocking me to my feet, i didn't know it than but i was their hypocrisy. 021015
blown cherry As twilight moves to starlight
my mind tumbles into restlessness, floundering for a solid thought.
I fear an unbroken sleep will evade me once again tonight.
Ishiarl Jha Well at least we shall focused for the now and here that time cuts out and you stop and hesitate whispering "Eternity" 030123
Danbo I'm fighting to stay that way...I need a nap 030501
Superstrings I it to be conscious, truly conscious, as a fish would be in outer space, twice removed from his world, comfort lost, left with only confusion and vulnerability.Where is it for us? True consciousness. We, like the fish, surely would not last for long in this state, I still search, for I refuse to sit here and not know. 030514
jane collective_unconscious 030514
sic Such bitter sweet feelings arise when one awakens to see that they were blessed to see the next day, but were unfortunate to be removed from the tranquility experienced when all matters fade 030927
me i belive that conciousness is when our dreams are asleep and when were dreaming, were really concious... 040522
Andy Pandy the milking of a cow, this is not an act that takes place in the consious world. but in a world that exists beyond the normal state of mind, beyond any state of minds.

those farmers what whos are doing the milking have to read all the udder nonsene in the press about the phsychology of milking a cow, and frankly i think its all complete bull shit.
apocalynx To be too conscious is an illness - a real thoroughgoing illness.
~Fyodor Dostoevski

this sickness is driving me......well, somewhere, anyway. i'm not sure where. sometimes it drives me to alternate flat dimensions of chemicals, one-level peace with friends, sometimes it drives me straight to bed while thoughts thunder on whitecaps eighty feet high. sinking ships, and drowning. a paralytic reality, until i can fall asleep quite easily. my subconscious is so good to me in dreams, and when i awake she comes to me with dripping claws and embraces me. "keep your eyes open and don't look away. these are the faults of the world."
oh, this feeble mind cracked with an influx of thought. can i live
sic Words. Good, bad, right, wrong…..still words. Most see them as suggestions, orders, or in the rare case. Iambic pentameter. I prefer to see them as sounds. Sounds, that when put in the right sequence, cause one to ponder, to laugh, to ignite, or to dissipate. Most people use these sounds and words to bring cheer or enlighten an individual or individuals. But how often do you dissect the exact meaning? Never really. You think you do. You spend hours upon hours thinking of the best possible way or saying something, and it never really comes out right. The right response to every difficult question is silence. Not yelling, screaming, or avoidance. Silence. It’s golden. It’s virtuous. It’s unnerving. We give advice when we shouldn’t. We add the caveatLook, in my opinionorIf I were youand many others we believe will save our ass. But it doesn’t. If they take ouradvice”, and follow through with thebest answerwe could muster up, these sounds are no longer hollow. They become an irreversible motion that will scar. Words maim, kill, and destroy all they come in contact with. Bad advice ruins relationships. Good advice changes situations and individuals in their entirety. Hate filled words rip through every fiber of your being. It grabs you soul and heart. It changes your persona, your thoughts, your actions, your color. You lose your radiance. You no longer shimmer. You slowly become faint, until one day, the vagueness of your existence is evident. You are no longer ogled and ridiculed. You are no longer admired or hated. You are just present. Not active, not adored, not human. You believe that the end of you is here. But it isn’t. Your still here. You still get noticed, and you are still longed for. What isn’t here is who you used to be. That person is long gone. And it’s all because of words, words that shouldn’t have been spoken in the first place. 050305
Anulah good stuff 050409
Chaddy real slim the un or in? gee. onion orange? union range 050710
scooter i'm currently sitting in an altered state of conscious. the beautiful thing is the ability to multi-task. my conscious is flooded with external stimuli in a murray of rainbow colors. 060618
niecespieces My conscious is fucked.
Torn between so many people.
Such long term stakes at hand.
I could be with all of them and not feel anything, I think. I would be if he said that is what he wanted too.
We sang that song tonight
and indeed, this place is a prison.
Feelings budding into locked dark rooms where they are forbidden to bloom. Allowing them to take root in the first place is almost horrific.
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