Quintessensual i'm sad this warm blathing's all so, i feel, disconnected;
he says, it says, she says, none is really reconnected;
seems, in the minds of those who've hotly participated;
even warm e-mailing's ignored, overtly rejected;
oh, come now, let's touch more and be not so unrelated
mon painted shell i am the fluid
roll the credits so i can see
who wrote that last line
jmaie moon addicted 040925
In_Bloom We had always been
A ringing in my ear told me he was thinking of me
Or if the phone rang my stomach would jump and I knew it would be him...
When he died I thought we would still be physically connected, thought I'd still feel his presence, his Love
No other Love like that in my world
But when he died I was left alone and a silence I've never known became part of me to learn and accept
EMC2 Is the Ejected Photon
Disconnected from the Star
That Rejected It?
no reason with everything

and i feel like i should disconnect with him at least somewhat but often it seems like he's all i have
what's it to you?
who go