psyki This reflection, though seemingly their own, would be superior to the viewers in every way...faster, stronger, younger; capable of tasks no mortal man might ever dream of. The common man would be introduced to the Super Man. 000717
miniver Dandelion dew,
sky in the air,
tongue down lickety
split for a few.
Tank a club in philly. 000723
unhinged fluid - wish i could be like that. filling up everything around me. so effortless. 010128
lilac_air silk blowing in the wind
sunlight brightly shining

sand through my fingers

ripples on the water
mmm white_stuff 031231
silentbob sometimes i come across things i blathed years ago and they are so old that i cannot remember what context i wrote them in. 040323
hsg1437 adaption 050129
z continuous 050506
(_) let me r u n,
run away from
this stiffness, this i n t e n s i t y,
of grip to gravity.

let me f l y
on the ground,
fly apart from the t e n s e grip
of my normal body;
let me crack myself open
and peel off electrocuted skin.

let me m e l t,
melt myself down
to f l u i d.
be it water, blood or tears.

turn my bones to clay,
my heart to paint.
make my eye a brush
and c r e a t e a masterpiece.

let me forget.
l o o s e n tension’s grip
on my black-and-blue brain
and leave me to flow s m o o t h l y;
y e a r n i n g f o r g r a c e.
what's it to you?
who go