For sure! you can have ripples in your cheek and neck if you put a gun in your mouth and aim it toward your cheek and mouth and pull the trigger and a bullet comes out and then it will ripple your cheek and neck as it flies through them. yes. 000712
Arugula Red Everybody touches me
Like someone idly trailing their fingers
through a pond on a summers day

They draw their fingers from my soul and turn away,

But I remain ripply and unstable
missionary Your Power radiates
The Beacon within you
Now stand up high
So your light will shine

Vibrantly pulsing
The waves are sent out now
Three hundred sixty
Seconds without time

In forceful explosions
Colliding with entities
Transforming on impact
Each circular line

The instant it hits you
Shakes the Foundations
Of Pasts and your Future
Plans for your Lives

You're changed on the inside
Internal combustion
Your fire breathes outward
Through Passionate Cries

You're growing in strength now
Your own light is rising
The Beacon within you
Is Starting to Shine

Darkness swims deeply
Some buoys are sinking
Their talents were frozen
When hit from behind

Ripples passed through them
They Failed to perceive and
Extinguished the Chances
To Live without Dying

So you must swim Down now
Through cold dark deception
And Sing bright enough to
Pierce the fallen ones eyes

Your Glowing Aroma
Awakens the sensible
Reaching past doubt and fear
Hatred and Lies

Now quickly Time's failing
Race back to the surface
You're Saved wait for Dawn
When the Son will Arise
hsg can tell a story

Grandfather, from the_tracker by tom_brown_jr, spoke of ripples emanating throughout the forest. years later, now, i clearly see a pond's ur fa (ce iling to the fishies:) with many simultaneous_ripples ordered interactions not_unlike mathematics unfold accordingly. and i see a chess_like_game where qualities of force, physics, position, and what appears to_be (but isn't) probability compete and coalesce for net_effect.
john forrester oh damn. i thought it said "nipples." 081204
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