psyki i'm sick of myself.
i look in the mirror.
and see someone i hate.
i just want to be special.
i don't know what love is.
it's getting late.
can i die now?
MollyGoLightly i had a dream at daniel's house:

someone shot at me. they also shot at my mom, my little sister, and some other people. they shot me in the chest. it made a tiny hole in my chest, right below my collarbone. it stung a little. it hurt when i inhaled.

they took me to the doctor, and the doctor stuck a little IV in my arm (just like the one dr. teeth used when my wisdom teeth came out) to put me out. but it did not put me out. and they cut me open from sternum to lower abdomen. the doctors took everything out of me and shook until the bullet fell out.

then they sewed me up and i was fine.
unhinged mmmmm.....

psyki always has the right idea
grendel the blue sky 010204
Concrete birdmad there's a black leather jacket on the back of the chair, it's like a moment frozen forever there 010204
lost i know how you feel psyki. i ask that everyday. I promised some people that i wouldnt do it myself. I cant go back on that promise either. i wish i could though. 010426
Alexander Beetle I wonder if it's still in my head, somewhere? Asleep, waiting for the day when it will wake up and start bugging me for a mate.

Sleep well and sleep long, o little bullet of mine. I have no desire to appease you anymore.
who i am doesnt matter anymore is my kitty's name. 031025
acidshank i want one around my neck
die bitch!
love & hate Got a crush on a pretty pistol,
Should i tell her that i feel this way...
. 041129
fix 041129
djstar my words may be a little rough around the edges but nothing compares to the bullets you shoot from your mouth. 070121
krupt hurt less than knives... 080116
unhinged the alcohol was like a bullet to his brain and when he tried to take it out, it had been lodged in there for so many years, he had seizures.

and that is the myth. the legal bullets being some of the most dangerous.
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