jennifer Do you even know how I feel?
Or do you just sit back in your
nice, comfortable, green chair
and laugh?
Do you ever stop to think
about how miserable I am?
And do you ever wonder
if I really am empty inside?
Or if I have rocks in my heart?
Or is it you with the stony heart?
A muscle of hatred and acid
and the constant wail of a
conscience abandoned.
And I hope, one day,
you are left alone
(like I often am)
and you realize that you never had friends
just servants
that hated you as much as
you hate me.
Q Thank you so very much. 000203
splinken went to see the english department chair.

was going to tell him about all my "plans for the rest of my life" disasters.

but then it was time for class.
mister Horrible someone_keeps_moving_my_chair 000902
spunk: the new type of funk I just found out that the chair I am siting in spins. I spun and I spun and
now I'm sick. Its all your fault. You and that thing you use with witch to
do things with. Ya you read this right, its all your fault. Its all you.
You dam it! You!
you wish 121 for those smart enough to get here congrats you conquered an ant hill in the alps next clue whats black and whit and read/red (pick one) all over 021229
dear Stalker listen boy ! go see a peep show or somik !

i'm not sitting in your pretend doctors surgery !

i prefer to play crazy golf !

whooooo ! nice t-shirt.
what's it to you?
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