Rob Frank delicious 991122
Wes! ...of stupidity .. my neighbor is so stupid .. everything about him .. the way he speaks, his mannerisms, everything .. i just want to throw a brick at his windsheild... 991203
gigaphairy Uncontrollable sometimes.
Like the bastard son of anger and bitterness, but with a focus directed at something or everything.
Usually regreted like a storm when it is passed.
But when it doesn't pass that's the worse time.
I try not to hate too much.
But there's so much to hate.
And so little to love.
guitar_freak You piss me off. You told me to call you at home to see how I was doing. You are a fucking prick. You don't even remember who I am! You are such an asshole. I liked you. I thought you were nice you proved me wrong. You look down upon me because I am one of your patients. You think you are so much better than me. Fuck you! Burn in hell and see if I ever see you for treatment again. You witch. 001104
rollins i dont believe in fate or destiny.
i believe in various degrees of hatred, paranoia, and abandonment. however much of that gets heaped upon you doesn't matter. its only a matter of how much you can take and what it does to you.
Sol My Boss, My Boss, My Boss, My Boss, stupid smelly obese mentally bedridden whore 010422
misstree throw back your head and snarl, drink it, burn with it, lash out with it. 010422
Tiffa Hatred is the beautiful complement to Love. "There can be no true love without true hate..." -Legend- 010509
grendel sublime and deadly

i want to gnaw away the center of the world

bathe in it until it exudes from my every pore like porcupine quills

touch me
(don't touch me)

come closer
(stay the fuck away)

perspective not seen through rose coloured lenses but through bloodshot eyes
TalviFatin Consumes and destroys my inner self. Takes hold of my conciousness, and drives me to evil and destruction. My ultimate master of present. I am saddened like a beaten slave, as I hate all and everything that tempts me, irritates me, and aggitates. I wish to free myself of these chains that bind me. 011027
queen of darkness hatred runs deeper than the surface
surging through your veins
like endless pain, pent up
just waiting to burst

and then comes anger...
Death of a Rose If all you can do is define yourself is by hatred, and you have let hatred become a passion within you, then you yourself will be hated. 031011
ferret hairy piggy 031011
olivia why did she do it? why did i let her hurt me? 'you set yourself up to get hurt with your naivite'... does that make it my fault, because i trusted her, because i was naive? who is it that i hate now: her or me? 031113
melangea i hate porno . no i dont :) 040911
Dan Moyer As a matter of prerequisite, hatred guides the careful hand of the well-educated, as it does he ignorant. Knowledge does not begat wisdom as I would love to believe.
And what is hatred but fear?
And what is fear but logic?
And what is logic but a justification?
And is not justification the language of the impulse?
yet... we do not do what we hate, we do what we love, is not what we do inspired by the impulse?
Is love no more than a blinded hate that does not know it's purpose?
Hatred is the love left in the gutter drinking itself stupid and gradually forgetting it's purpose, festering and growing ill.
Hatred is the love of the dead long lost, crying by itself and filing no grievance.
Love sees hate but hate cannot see love, when truly all it must do is look into it's own reflection
oldephebe My god-mother a still beautiful mullato woman of 71 told me recently during one of those much needed telephone conversations where I go to drink from the wellspring of the Original motherhood, Mother to eve and the Other The Word of knowledge came to her that night, that I need to be wary of allowing hatred to set it's seeds in my soil. "It'll take deep root she said." It'll give birth to murder. It'll delude and disuade you from the road you been tryin' to WALK on all these years" Protect your mind, cover your head with this, In this knowledge, cover your heart and your head with these words boy."

The honored and elder among us don't say much but when they do it comes like a blade, blindingly bright and singing its silver song cleaving the darkness that had slowly built this impenetrable canopy of despair and desolation, whose author is the seed of everything unholy, every breath, thought, deed ever taken. She was correct. It chills me to know just how close she was to being right. Right about the capabilities of my advesaries and right about how my reactions to thier hateful acts would either call me home on my knees in utter surrender to a wisdom and a compassion big enough to envelope and transcend me and my advesaries limitations. I_am_hated Yes, that MAY be but I am loved by a tender and eternal God who IS the very source of love so why would I allow the antics and attacks of a few of the Dark Night's unrepentant soldiers, why would I allow a few motes of dust blot out the very Eye of Eternity. God is eternal in his love, eternal in his patience, loyalty kindness, power. Love ultimately will have power and dominion over all powers and principalities. The day will come when all of creation, those spawned of the dark and the light, those standing with the angels in eternal paradise and those writhing with the fallen angels and lesser gods who thought themselves equal or even surppassing God, condemned to spend Time beyond Time oscillating in the lake of fire, these being all beings on ALL worlds will one day bend the proud knee and cry out and it shall be carried unto to every ear, the name of the one try God, the name of my God that hath the power to break the bondage of despair and desolation wed to the desperately evil acts whelped in hatred's diseased maggot infested womb. My soul sat too long in that amniotic fluid lo these past months. But my God is alive and He lives in me and I'm going to stand my ground! Child of darkness and lover of hell's lies I love ya in the Lord, but can't touch my heart or my mind because God's got them. He set them apart in HIM and all I have to invoke that power, the power of thier restoration and protection is to LOOK UP, LOOK UP!!!
Look up aupon His radiance!

Yeah hate. Not a good thing to let live in you for too long.
Risen How wonderful to feel it without guilt.

Tastes so much sweeter.

Delicious indeed.
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