ravensfears Seeds grow into trees. Seeds grow into plants. Seeds dont grow if you dont water them.

Someone water my seeds please.
amy i love a sunflower. 020819
Ant The possibilities are endless 041020
unhinged just because it's seedless, doesn't make it dank babycakes

it's gotta smell like a forest
green and musty and faint of skunk
thin tiny smokable stems
pliable and hard to break
like young green trees
and if you look closely enough
you can see the fingers of each leaf
before they were curled into dryness
electric green
and sometimes with red threads and maybe some crystals
of what i don't know
doesn't seem quite natural
but it makes you float
and then there is the older plants
still no seeds
slightly paler green in color
thicker stems
no smell of the forest
and if you look close enough
you can see where the seeds would have about to form
if they would have let the plant go
a little more
before they plucked it
and that my friend
does not dank make

i was had y'all
cause they thought they could had me
that i didn't know the difference
between high end commercial
and nice bright dank

just because it's seedless, doesn't make it dank babycakes; i've got dank down to the tiniest detail of the smokable stem and tiny little furled fingers of a newborn plant.
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