sphinxradio i notice the way your eyes focus, so intent on understanding every detail.
and i drive myself insane by trying to analyze every spoken or written word.
i think you have a better grasp than i do of the fact that when we start to forget,
these trivialities will be the first memories to go.
you don't say it,
but the most meaningful communication is non-verbal and non-written.
it's a foreign thought to my detail oriented mind.
point it out again, that thoughts and dreams will turn yellow and brown like the papers and photos i hold sacred,
and like those flowers i don't know what to do with.
thieums I was sewing pants that day, it was the first time I ever did so. I was so absorbed by the sewing, trying to make a good stitch line and overstitching the garment that I didn't realize I was sewing the two legs together.
Sometimes details just make you miss the big picture...
what's it to you?
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