typhoid oh, ice cold gazes in the eternal twilight
your gaze fades slowly into the night
memories oh sweet dreams of bliss
my thoughts keep drifting back to your last kiss

growing weaker in the darkness
i cry out in sharply less
in fear than in despair
but, alas, noone there.

a silent halo fills my vision
dimly brightly my decision
appears to be insane
it makes its incision in my brain

the blockage cut it all bursts through
information interpreted anew
verity, the people say
will make all your pain go away
redneckk i shit myself for fun 010519
~gez~ thats sick. think anyone that has ever blathered is dead? 020830
CowsAndMoosesRule everything swirling together in a cloud of ends. Death is the ultimate, it feasts on the living brains of mortals who have their flesh stripped off with spoons 040218
ME me 050503
liger when the world ends, and you see bugs crawling out of the sky 090610
silentbob follows penultimate 090611
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