me? i know i'm free now but i still feel trapped with a thousand responsibilities.
dammit! i've got a whole month now to do whatever i want! relax!
are these ghost chains pulling at the corners of my mind? little bits of 'do this' and 'do that'... fragments of stress, debris of necessity. it should all be gone... oh oh oh im tired, damn gammit,

i have no advice to give, i don't give advice. feel free to use me as an example, but
distorted tendencies Bind me in ice cold smooth as silk platinum chains. I'll be your pet. 011012
brandi invisible bonds keeping me in line

wish i could break free

and be me
marjorie paper! wrapped around my christmas tree
all pale green from the move
tied to the back of a truck
2000+ miles
rain washing away the evergreen
plastic bits flying through the air
now wrapped in paper chains
red blue green yellow purple orange
sing davoodoree
your best friend, cindy loo hoo, is coming home from college.
sorority girl.
and there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side
trixie "there's nothing like cold steel on my boyfriend's hot rod to turn him on!" From the awesome Robin_Williams! 030401
what's it to you?
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