smell me in my room
Mike Rafter I'd give a buck for a safe ride in the back of a truck. Not like in Chile where tailgators threaten to smash into my on comeing fear of collision due to post tramatic recent I crashed my accord disorder. Aight!? 010102
stephanie garrison his truck is black and smells like rubber, and a twist if lime 010430
phoebe his truck is black and smells like rubber, and a twist if lime 010430
*~K i like to think about trucks. monster trucks. they hiss by my wondow at all hours, always delivering stuff. who knows whether they come from anywhere, or ever arrive? it all seems kind of zen to me. the journey... 040802
Deomis almost ran me over today.
chris turned around and said "watch out you fuckin idiot. Do you have a death wish or something? God, Rachel, you're such an idiot..."
"thanks chris..." I said, but he didn't hear me; he kept walking along with his little group of kids. The group of kids that sits on "that" side of the room. The group that remain willfully ignorant of the truth that surrounds them. THe immature fools who say the same joke twenty times in one day and still find it funny. I stood there for a moment and wondered why I ever wanted to part of their clique.

In a way, I kinda wish that the truck had hit me.
pastorfkb heads are first in the flowers of heavenly spheres 070214
important There was a time where i really was what is written on that van outside "psyco" or psychotic.
Sometimes I thought I was dead other times I thought I was god. I heard voices and went missing so many times. There are many stories about it, but know one really knows what i went through. It took me so many years to get over it.

it's bringing up my past .. not teasing me.
I never in my life want that to happen to me again, it scares the hell out of me.

don't do it - clean that window.
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