silentbob an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose [syn: coterie, ingroup, inner circle, pack, camp]

To associate together in a clannish way; to act with others secretly to gain a desired end; to plot; -- used with together

A small exclusive group of friends or associates
pralines&cream sorry i didn't look it up in the dictionary ...


anyway ...
pralines&cream actually, I'm not done with this topic ...

to me, a "clique" brings to mind a group of people, friends, who, while not exluding others or making it a "rule" to "ignore" people or anything, have a friendship among themselves that is deeper than they have with their aquaintances (this is true in every aspect of life, not just blather). Thus, having this more intimate friendship within their collective group, they tend to mingle with each other more than with other people who aren't "in their clique" or who don't "share that friendship" or who they aren't "as close to."

Just as in real life, blather has it's people who know each other outside of the internet world, and who actually do things together in their every day lives. So, of course they form a sort of collective group on here ... it's natural! This is just an observation. I hope it didn't seem too "contempful".

(That last sentence was, admittedly, contemptful, but everything before that was not meant to be.)

Anyway, to sum up,
"clique" = "group" = "people you hang out with more than with other people b/c you like them/are friends with them," at least in my line of thought.

sameolme me and my friends at Antique Porcelain
Unicorns of Armenia, feel that any social aggregation that neglects the worship of ceramic icons, is nothing but a self absorbed society of snot heads.
And that goes double for clicks. Chick
clicks are the worst, they do that pick a little, talk a little thing, all clicking should pretty much be left to that African tribe that does it right.
And whats with this fancy schmancy french spelling "Oh, I don't click I
clique." Gag me with a spoonique.
no reason i never seem to fit into one of these things
which i guess is ok, but it'd be nice to find a bunch of other like people and make our own non-clique
what's it to you?
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