nameless wow we have so much in common! *giggles* 991218
amy goodnight stars
goodnight air
goodnight noises everywhere

goodnight, moon...

yeah. definitely one of the best books ever written.
Tink he should check this out. 000416
birdmad raven 000507
alkdfj lfalkfjalskdjf 010924
the one we talk and laugh, so much in common. he knows what i think before i can think it. If im need him, he shows up, if i need something, he has it. Its more like ESP. its really weird.
I knew what happened before i really knew. i wish i would've been wrong. I REALLY wish i had been wrong.
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ...denominator[s]

: de·nom·i·na·tor
: di-'nä-m&-"nA-t&r
: circa 1542

the [part] of a fraction below the [line] signifying division [that] functions as the divisor of the numerator and in fractions with 1 as the numerator [indicates] into [how many] parts the unit is [divided]

:a common trait:

¿[what if the common trait shared is an *uncommon* one]?

is it still a common trait?

[part] [line] [that] [indicates] [how many] [divided]

:STANDARD: blather
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the two if everyone else does it
why could it be bad
but if no one else does it
it is better to some
a travesty to others
and the people who don't care
are growing by the second
to the first
so the most abundant
are those who wish least
phil today 020729
ItGirl and I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Well that's one thing we got...

just that one thing...
imaskitzo You're not so different after all 040323
naive artist We have all had the common cold, but is there such a thing as an uncommon cold? 040701
depressed man me 040702
phil A: no
A: yes
what's it to you?
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