typhoid i dine.
early in the morn.
before having to go debug sendmail conf files...
lotusflower ...a piece of baklava. 000217
camille 000217
apr!l by far the best meal of the day. especially because it includes pancakes. and pancakes make people happy. 000218
roxy a cup of swill on my way to the downtown bus transfer. 000218
camille i had a "jester" for breakfast today :o) 000218
Brad i feel great when i eat it, but never have time. 000423
Silent Bob imagine eating breakfast for 15 years every morning and then one day just throwing up because of it. i dont eat breakfast anymore, but when i do its usually something like poptarts or a banana. not usually cereal, but sometimes. 000616
tourist Coffee, followed by coffee. When I get to work I'll have some coffee followed by several coffee breaks until Lunch.
Eat something to blot up the coffee in my stomach. When I get back I'll have a cup of coffee followed by several coffee breaks throughout the afternoon.
Do you think this is obsessive?
Rhin I wake up and chug 1 - 2 liters of water every morning, immediately after getting out of bed. Then I have breakfast, which usually consists of yogurt, plain granola cereal, and fruit. Sometimes I have a bagel and tea. I never drink coffee, although I keep stashes of gourmet coffee beans on hand, for the addicts in my life. I love the smell of coffee, but it tastes like something vile. 001204
silentbob its midnight plus two minutes and im devouring capn' crunch.

how lovely. i can eat cereal. just not in the early morning
chanaka but of course....cold pizza. an idealized breakfast, but really quite good, especially when it is thin crust pizza. cold chinese is also excellent (but not after 2 days) 001204
kingsuperspecial oatmeal with bananas and dried cranberries

toast with peanutbutter bananas and honey and a cup of really hot cheap orange peoke with milk and no sugar

waffles with maple syrup and walnuts and bananas

huevos rancheros (w/out bananas)

sex - if it's the weekend.

cheerios since I was two, still love em.

eats breakfast alone these days...
blue star I took my sisters out for breakfast this morning. I'm full.

I kept telling them to settle down, and that they should quit embarassing me... and then this little girl came in with her mother and as the waitress was leading them to the table the girl was clutching her crotch (she never went to the bathroom so god only knows WHY) and yelling and whining.

I stopped telling them to behave better after that.
Toxic_Kisses A cracker w/ chese and tuna fish on it 020624
Strideo "My friend's younger brother went out with a woman last week. He still lives at home and so it was a big deal for him. His mother was dead against him going out that evening because he had an interview for a new job first thing in the morning. However, he went out promising that he would be back early.
He and the woman went out for a drink, danced a bit at a local club and she invited him back for "coffee." After the usual drinking coffee and listening to Motown, they ended up in bed for a bit of horizontal jogging. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they both have a fantastic time. Raunchy, filthy sex. However, it's now about three am so his brother says "I have to go home because I've gotta work in the morning." The woman takes him to the front door of her flat and as they're walking through the main room, she sees her knickers lying on the floor. "Here," she says giving them to him, "take these to remind you of me." He stuffs them in his pocket and leaves, promising to phone.

He wakes up at 7 am in the morning feeling like shit. However, he's got the normal morning stiffy. He starts thinking of the night before and becomes even more 'inflamed'. Then he remembers the womans knickers in his pocket. He takes them out and sniffs them. The memories flood back. So, he's certainly going to have a quick hand job at this moment but wants to have both hands free. So he puts the knickers over his head so that the gusset is over his nose. This obscures his eyes but he continues and has a pretty satisfactory hand job. After a short rest, he takes the knickers off his head so he can find the kleenex. However, he sees a cup of coffee and two slices of toast on his bed side table. His mother has come in and brought him his breakfast so he won't miss his important interview."

Reverend Lough it used to be:
2 cups of coffee and 2 Newports while sitting on the front porch of my over-crowded house in Fremont at 5 A.M. every morning, pondering what another day at culinary school in San Francisco could possibly have in store for me.

now it is:
french toast or eggs or bisquits and gravy or blueberry pancakes, with coffee, on my balcony, at 11 A.M., the sounds of john coltrane in the background, wondering what i should paint today, while writing lyrics.
Strideo for me breakfast is like tuesday: the most overlooked day of the week
tr summer, when it is warm- we breakfast in the garden and it's always such a nice start into the day. But then again, my little brother always gets in very soon- because he is afraid of the bees that come to taste or jelly. I like it though, this kind of summerbreakfast 050129
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