pinkish "We are all . . . addicts of change" -Christopher Lasch 010421
grendel hardwired mainline the needle to the vein
the wire to the brain

steady drip of holy political opiate
sweetened by the overload

taking our leave

of sense and reason

i'm a junkie too

florescent light Sheryl the addict
eats her Haddock
before she goes on-line

She takes a bite
and all seems right
Till she notices something is wrong

Stuck in her throat
she begins to choke
As she types these last few lines

'If you are an addict
make sure to eat your haddock
with proper cajon and spice

But if you should choke
make sure you've wrote
your will and last goodbye'
psychobabe wish i could say i wasnt one... 010428
nemo *sigh* 011215
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