deb what can i do but listen?
i try to say the right thing to her
but it doesn't ease the pain-
this i know-
i've been there a few times too many, myself..

she is finding herself in the
rocky cave beside the crashing ocean
where i used to live
and is making her bed there,
for she cannot see the path
beside the water's edge-
the fog is dense
and the tears are many;
puddles upon her cheeks-
daybreak will come soon,
the fog will lift slowly.. slowly..
and she will be able to find her way
but until morning,
sighs will fill my ears
while i am unable to give any consolation~

knowing that, i sigh
andrea that seems to be all
i can do lately
but i'm not sure

copyright 2000
* everytime a thought like that comes into my head i can't help it
he wants to know what the matter is
i don't know what to tell him
i don't know...
keeping quiet "do you always sigh this much, or just around me?"
"no. *pause* i don't always sigh this much."
and i know when he does, what it means, and i feel special, wanted, tempted, and disloyal all at once... and i know that none of these emotions can have any action whatsoever. we shall just talk, and he shall sigh, and it will remain as such.
snarky freak incrediably annoying when she comes up behind you and sighs in that annoyed 'life is not up to my standard' way, that is not the only time she's done it today either. 000130
silent bob my face shows a smile. my words speak pleasure. but my sigh reveals my heart, my mind, my soul. i can't stand not having you with me. i miss you so much, i think i'm willing to destroy myself if it would mean seeing you again. aw, man. 000604
klarchen Sigh.
He said that I am "cute".
What does that really mean?
Does it mean that he is pleased by what he saw?
Does it mean that he is contented by what he heard?

Or is it just a word used to fill the gap between us?
miniver If I didn't care,
would it be the same?
Would my every prayer begin and end
with just your name?
And, would I be sure that this
is love beyond compare?
Would all this be true
if I didn't care for you?

It was so brilliant in Shawshank, too.
I remember you.
frankenfistkitten something i do a lot of when i think about hello_kitty

but who the hell am i?

just spare_parts_and_alley_cats
deb this grey afternoon
chills brittle skin
and chapped smiles,
clouds rolling over themselves
in tumultuous elation~
autumn has returned
with her taciturn grief
for something long-since lost...

turning leaves titter in
breezes from the north,
knowingly whispering cruelties,
"steamed milk with caramel...mmm"
when i have no access to
caramel flavoring...

brown leaves crunch beneath
frozen-toed leather boots
as the sky threatens
vainly "i'm gonna...
well, i WOULD do something
if i had the energy..."

grey hues taint the
brightness of yellow and green,
making hot chocolate sound
as i sit here
begging the clouds for
just a hint of

september in nebraska...
Thyartshallshant...Shawn I think it would be good if i broke down the word. For what it means to me. S = Shawn I = Isn't G = Gay H = ...Howdy! Ok, maybe this was a bad idea. 001225
many names sigh 001225
hallkwik something you do out of pure hapiness or pure despair.. 010201
Paper Clip I Snigger a cheaky snigger,
oh go on sigh again I dare you.
rollins The ones who don't do anything are always the ones who try to put you down 010822
psychobabe god i really fucked up
this time.
I didnt mean to say
all that...and once
i thought about it all
i knew i already fucked up.

I hate it how you say something
but to others
it sounds so wrong.
It kills them
in ways you cant even think of.

thats just the thing about
it all...
communication is the key
but sometimes that key
gets torn apart.

I said i'm sorry
i can say i'm sorry
a million times
but it wont erase the pain...

i'm sorry nathy
what else can i say...
. big, big sigh. 020206
. and not for long, maybe. 020206
Syrope a sigh can express any emotion for me. it takes a lot for a person to be able to recognize which of my sighs means which emotion. 020325
lizardqueen and then he col.l.a p .s e d
in a thousand sighs

blew the most colorful dust
deep into my eyes

he threw my hands up over my head
i said 'whats the point?'
and i swept from the l e d g e.
deb it's been too long
since i was here

i'm a little rusty around the edges
and i can't find the wd40
girl_jane Why did the timing have to be this way? 020912
squint maybe you breathe in so quickly
and catch your breath
because you think
I am contained within my words
and you can catch them in the air
and maybe thats why
I sigh when I am happy

and maybe
you'll catch it.
Rhin ::sigh:: 021210
no reason i'm so tired...
i don't want to play...
*leAh* *sighs* come after i masturbate, after I've kissed someone... After I've lavished in a random conversation. I *Sigh* when im disappointed... when I'm happy, when-ever... I *sigh*.. I keep extra *sighs* n my pocket..dont ask me y. 030106
crimson She sighed like and expert
She sighed when she was depressed
Sighing was what she did instead of eating
Deomis I sigh into the night
The endless longing
Waiting yet another day
Wishing it would go away

The blade is cold
And silv'ry-smooth
I sigh, as I cannot do the deed
And the sweat upon my brow does bead

My soul is poisoned
All for your sake
You never look at me
And still I yearn for thee.
LessonsFromAngels Have you ever noticed how many different types of sighs there are? Most the people on here have focused on sighs in a negative aspect. The sigh of honesty, some might call it. It is a sigh that allows others to know that the creator is unhappy. It is a sigh of pain, unpleasant, anything to describe sad.

There is also the sigh of boredom. when there is nothing better to do but sigh, hopefully to bring peoples attention Maybe it is to find a new character, someone who can entertain you. Maybe it is to get the audience to ask what is the matter, assuming they will interpret it as the majority of the human population does.

There is also the sigh of being tired. As if your mind is tired, but your body is not. Your body can go on and on, it has gotten all the sleep it needs, so there is no use for it to yawn, allowing more oxygen to creep to your brain. No, this sigh is for a tired mind. When you have done so much thinking, so much learning, so much work in one day. You can feel your brain expanding to allow yourself more space, space to hold these new items in, hoping you will not forget them.

Probably the most important type of sigh is the rarest heard. Always the last to be thought of, it was the first I thought of to share with everyone. This is the sigh of contentment. When everything is so perfect, it brings a harmony in you. A type of harmony you get from long walks on summer nights, staring up at the stars, or playing in the rain on a gloomy afternoon. This sigh is used when a smile is not enough to describe the happiness internally felt.
Unfortunately, this is also the most uncommon sigh a person can come upon.
oldephebe Well you know I did acquiesce but I did it with a nihilistic panache...(can panache and nihilist posture of spirit co-exist- aren't they ostensibly mutually exclusive?) I mean I kind of did it with a little francophone sense of inevitability, I sighed a jaded sigh and it exuded a francophone condescension and a kind of old world (read European)cynisism...mocking the really inspired naivete, mocking the really not quite serious posture of peremptory authority...(sigh)

so yeah i did acquiesce but i maintained my sense of jadedness...I am as ever thouroughly detached
oldephebe yeah..a sigh that says you know the way of things...the corruption and ineptitude of those who protect and administer an imperfect justice...
captain_subtext charlie brown 050305
badjonni gentle breeze of happiness 061011
nom constant sigh 070429
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