charles dietlein i want to be the majority. 010109
wallflower sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the wrong side 010526
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Yup. Nothing good is usually popular among the majority of people. The majority has no taste. Take Britney Spears or 'N Sync, for example. I think that one's pretty obvious. 011026
Harlequin654 majority. question: is there a majority? if you think it's a statistical thing, then sure, why not, but all of those statistics will change over time. but in my mind, no, there isn't a majority. Majority doesn't work. the majority is ignorant. this is statistically proven (pun intented). 020408
Katyrathin Our principal was probably part of the majority (if there is one) when she was younger. She's one of those people that hates people that dare to be different. She'd probably be racist if she weren't part of the majority. She hates me because I'm different. Right there, in that, she's part of another majority. There are endless majorities. Just for being part of one majority makes you part of a minority. Like if you like those adidas shoe things, you're rat of a majority, then you're part of a minority because you have a color on your stripes that isn't common. They have lots of colors on those things. I, personally, don't feel the need to match my shoes to my outfit. Being part of a majority just proves you're in another minority, so that doesn't prove anything at all. There's no point to try. 020408
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