andrea it bugs me that she is
the last one he sees before
he falls asleep and
the first one he sees when
he wakes up in the morning
i wonder if my face was on
a poster...would he?
would he hang me on the ceiling
above his bed?
beth i can't help but feel bad for her. even though every time she speeks i long to kill her. every day she takes it with little stupid grins and chirps of exasperation. her friend the, "Bitch" eats popcorn in her face and breaths the stench of it so that britney will want to puke. we all laugh and watch them leave to ride horses together. why does she put up with it? lonliness?maybe someday she wont need her friend. maybe someday she will be her friend. 000129
brett ... spears is where i learned about love and how fake boobs can get me everywhere in life. especially if i wanted to meet with n'sync 000307
togart spear britney... 010710
baby satan sometimes britney spears looks like a cow in a bathing suit, only without lips. 010711
britney spheres i am the god of hellfire, and i bring you... 010711
Norm First chick I ever got pissed off at, not so much at, but because of. I told her if she dumped her faggot boyfriend I'd be the first to ask her out. She said she just wanted to be friends. I told her we were never friends I just wanted to get in her pants, I think she was crying as I left. I called my friend and we went in drank in the park across the street from my house.

man Im an asshole
queen of darkness i pity her...
she has ruined herself by mokcing music
especially "i love rock and roll"
she lies to the papers, the public, herself...
and why is she so obsessed with her mother???
Death of a Rose I think I feel a little bit (but only a little bit, a bit that I can stamp on whenever I feel like it, a bit that I can watch to see if it moves at all after I've stomped) of pity for her, growing up in american society that idolizes idols. They (and I mean the secret 'they') have primed her as the next pimperness. 031011
Death of a Rose Oh and one more thought, I was in Sport Chek today, just wandering, maybe thinking about getting some new shoes, since I seem to have worn the ones I have on out (I mean, I can feel the texture of the concrete or asphalt or grass or rocks, etc), walking through the racket aisle and I turn the corner, and get knocked upside the head with this over marketed sex tramp, and suddenly I've made the decision, that if this store plays this kind of music here, then I don't want to buy anything from them. Hmmmm..... 031011
elegance Britney Spears.
Best PR in Years.
Marti Britney is special. 040925
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