User24 I grin, I hardly ever smile.

Usually, when I'm smiling, it's a bad sign. I smile when I'm feeling reflective, looking at the past (and trust me, the parts of my past I'm talking about here are not something to smile about) so if I smile at you, it means I'm sad, possibly hopefull, but currently sad; pensive.

Grins, however, are my expression of happiness, fullfillment, if I grin at you, it's me opening up a little; I usually keep certain aspects of myself closed away - certainly my feelings for other people, if I grin, it means I'm comfortable enough to display my true emotions, which is a fairly big thing, not a huge thing, as, as you're all no doubt aware, I don't put a front up (AFAIK) but when I grin, it's raw emotion shining through, without first being vetted by my conscious mind.

so there.
Tyler untill the grin curves to ear to ear untill it slips through the ear drum into the brain. Growing. Expanding. Then all at the same moment as the rest of the dimensions, blows your mind into thousdands of miniscule fragments strewn upon a table of ebony. Dark as the void from which infiniti emerged. 070509
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