jennifer I wonder if someday will happen for me 000525
larla *jen*-*ni*-*fer*

you attention-getting son-of-a-gun!

someday you'll want it to happen to you... for reals!

and you'll destroy everything in you that stops you!

and it won't happen overnight!

but! you've got the light...
alright, alright!

rarrr! you are one of those people who knows what you want to hear, but you think it's somehow better for other people to tell you it. you are on the other side of what is probably a really complicated wall to your own self-liberation! life's a bitch... blehhhh!
you'll say I love you
and I'll belive you
misstree someday i'm gonna travel, and repay all the kindnesses i've abused, and see all the old faces i've cherished and lost... someday, i'm gonna make it big, doing something, i'm sure... and someday i'm gonna have me a cowboy prince to pamper me and push me... and someday i'll look back at all this and say, "what a strange trip," and i will wish someday had never come. 010127
k&aj someday we're gonna make a movie with fast bursts of light and highways and beating hearts and short breaths and moving arms and spinning heads and music you can dream to. 010305
cali gone lately Someday when the world has passed on by i'll sit around and wonder why ..You were there for me. But were you really? 010501
lonelygirl Someday 010729
Aimee Someday, I'll be rich and famous.. but that won't make me happy.
Someday, I'll be your wife, and that most likely will.
Someday, I'll have a pack of wild children living in my home and wonder "good lord am I sure I knew what I was getting myself into?"
Someday, We'll be insanely happy, and go on camping trips, or just vacations to europe to see Mama u. meine Michi or we'll save up all our money so that one day we can make up this dream vacation in which we'll do nothing be enjoy each other's conversation.
Someday, I'll be a grandma sitting on my porch sipping lemonade and watching my little grandchildren tall and small play freeze tag in the front lawn.
Someday, I'll truly appreciate that the small things mean more than trips to europe, a dream vacation, riches and fame, and winning on the price is right.
mulder someday, when my life has passed me by, i'll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me... 010729
kitten on drugs in a few more years, when we're ready to be together...

maybe you'll finally give me that ring while we're on the beach...

shnorn jesse has been gone for a while now... 020403
Diamond You have always been a maybe_someday
Right situation, but the timing couldnt be more off
You have her, I have him
They are our comfort zones
Too afraid to stray, for fear of the unknown
Our fear of losing familiarity
Is what continues to keep us apart
when the timing is more right
Our fear will no longer stand in our way
Until then, youll always be my
splinken the magic word. 030331
MeKoy to me never say some day becuase to someday is everyday. 031226
MeKoy hey ever heard the song someday from nickelback it rocks it toke a few times to catch on to what the movie to it was about but when i finally became a sad song i guess i should go add it to my list of songs that make me cry 031227
sahba someday my gears will fall into place and function with absolute perfection i hope i realize when it happens but these days i feel like im lost within my sould wanders aimlessly and haunts my mind to the beats of the ataris singing out loud from my speakers but then suddenly right when your in it all it ends thats when i realize im alone 040827
emmi someday you are gonna get hungry
and eat most of the words you just said

-ani difranco
flowerbed on a cloud someday it sounds so pretty. it has a promise =) Me lurves ^^ 060118
when darkness falls i knew it would end sooner or later, sometime, someday, for any unexplainable reason... a relationship so fragile yet so unbreakable. you've never been single for more than a week. i was lucky to have had a friend like you. it couldn't last forever, you and i both know that. well, today was that day and i'm sad, still a bit in denial though. will you ever write me again?

he wants to marry you and make you happy, bring out the best in you, make your life easier, cheer you up when you're feeling down. you've told me before of the jackasses you've dealt with before, but this one's not one of them. you no longer need me. i don't want to put you in an uncomfortable situation. after all, he's your number one now. i am not disheartened. you are still my inspiration and i will remember you always. goodbye my sweetheart...
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