silentbob what she wanted most is someone who could appreciate her. someone she could be herself around, to trust, to be able to express herself, to love that would love her.

what i wanted most is someone i could be myself around, to understand me on my level, to love me the way i loved them, someone i could enjoy myself around.
lovers lament . . .that i lose myself in grieving, dreaming for an hour. wake up and remember you are gone, dead. see your walking, smiling corpse in my semiconscious states of being, love you still.

. . . that i don't feel you anymore. that to me you are pictures from someone else's family photo album. not a part of me, my life.

. . .that i miss you when i let it in. not often. almost never, really. too strong to break for the love that broke my soul. can't do that anymore.
distorted tendencies I appreciate you. 010820
doin "you are appreciated"

that's what she said to me and gave me a hug.

it was so creepy.
blue_j It occured to me today that you don't appreciate the things I do. You don't appreciate that even though I am broke, I still try to suprise you with candy or a Mountain Dew. You never say thank you and smile as if it made you happy.

You don't appreciate that I try not to be so sensitive so you can be a smartass all you want.

You don't appreciate that every time you throw a temper tantrum about nothing...something stupid or little that I said or did and you blew up about and then said hurtful words to me about, I automatically apologize just to make things right.

You don't appreciate that many times I have wanted to just say "fuck you" and leave because your bullshit is overwhelming sometimes but I never do.

You don't appreciate that I always want to work it out.

You don't appreciate that I don't get mad at you when you talk about her, I just bite my tongue.

You don't appreciate that I never get upset at you anymore for bringing up my past and making mean jokes about it.

You don't appreciate that I never give up on us.

You don't appreciate that I always say thank you no matter how many times you open the door or pay for my meals.

You hurt me in the worst ways.

But I guess you wouldn't know how it feels to not be appreciated.
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