hahaha someone called me fragile the other day, as soon as i remember who i'm gonna kick their sorry butt...! 000123
vega I used to like hurting his fragile ego.
Somehow it has lost its charm
girl i guess im really not
WoNDERGIRL so fragile
in the strong
broken pieces
of you
do I lie
for nothing
Brad A word that looks like it should mean what "angular" means. "Fragile" looks like it should be "angular" and "angular" looks like it should be some type of yellow dish. 000527
silentbob tough as nails she sits and ponders
ponders life and ideas and philosophy
she can fight the good fight
and always come out on top
but deep inside she's a scared shivering child
who needs to be comforted, given attention to, and loved
i can love her on the inside and out
and protect her from the things
that give her doubt
and suddenly that scared shivering kid
can make it through anything because she has me
s.w.r.m.w Almost about to break
When you say the wrong thing
Not that he'd let you know
Not that you'd ever find out
Eyes empty of tears
Silent inside
Empty and hollow
Let himself be leaned on
Sinks into the ground
Pretending to be strong
He's going to topple soon
Fall into the water and drown
And I can't save him
twiggie i didn't realize how fragile you were, and now i can't stop crying for you. 001219
twiggie -*i hope you're ok hon, and i hope you get through this. i miss you.*- 001223
danielle fragile sleeps in baby's minds... in my soul.. underneath your waves of sorrow
we all lie here together bleeding broken thoughts..
yesterday i fell upon a black hole.
nothing ever felt so empty.
my mind felt broken and my heart crying tears of ever lasting pain...
i wish this all would go away...

i dont think i know how to love.
Robin If i love you
will you break me?
monadh existance 010402
nocturnal existEnce
there is no "a" in that word.
sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes.
indust she shines
in a world full of ugliness
she matters
when everything is meaningless

she doesn't see her beauty
she tries to get away
it's just that nothing seems worth saving
i can't watch her slip away

i won't let you fall apart

she reads the minds of all the people as they passer by
hoping someone can see
if i could fix myself i'd -
but it's too late for me

i won't let you fall apart

we'll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide
i'll build a wall and keep them on the other side
...but they keep waiting
...and picking...

it's something i have to do
i was there, too
before everything else
i was like you
distorted tendencies Silky spider webs, shimmering gently in the sunlight and soft breezes. 010919
camille by Sting~
translucent and yet calloused and reinforced by bits of bone and sinew. surrounded by steel. 011027
Sonya she tries to hide her calamity
and the people simply stare
they all think she's just another girl
and fail to see beyond the wrapping
it's all because of where she's been
that she hides behind the crinkles
and perhaps one day she'll realize
that maybe this is who she always was
a girl meant to be a woman
a soul waiting to be welcomed
a flower whose petals are fragile

the human spirit can be fragile,it yet in it's fragility, it finds a strength to be reckoned with
distorted tendencies Being fragile doesn't mean my will is not strong. 011226
oren It must be from Italy!

(A Christmas Story)
ClairE NIN makes me remember somewhat safer days. 011227
ever dumbening "
Straight light moving and removing
SHARPNESS of the colour sun shine
Straight light searching all the meanings of the song
Long last treatment of the telling that
Relates to all the words sung
Dreamer easy in the chair that really fits you
reitoei one of the most beautiful and intricate things ive seen was a collection of glass plants at some museum. the plants are perfect replicas, handcrafted of numerous peices of glass. they are so old and so brittle now. but so amazing 011227
kerry she was whisper-thin, like thread, gliding on the breeze, ribs potruding like baskets... 011228
gelfling Delicate and broken wings.
Flutter in the breeze.
From the place where you stand,
far in the distance,
you see the movement,
you see them fly.
Such a pretty illusion.

But here,
crushed and lying in the mud,
I struggle against the foul wind.
Wing are no use now.
Cannot remember how to fly.
For fleeting moments
the sensation carries me,
only to withdraw
and leave me plummetting to the earth
and below.

Where you cannot see
where you cannot follow
nobody can follow
blown cherry so easily I am torn from my sky 020616
chiefnewo fragile
this way up
do not bend
use no hooks
pack on top only
why use these words, when the postal service can't read anyway?
bethany i was strong enough to show her how fragile i was
would she kick me to the curb,incapable of sensitivity
or would she help me and stop kicking me
translucent dont take this away 020726
phil today 020729
Melissah bones fold upon themselves
i cover myself
somehow i became skinny without noticing.
Chilly D break it. 030110
celestias_shadow fragile is on the edge of a cliff
standing there trying not to fall
not to break apart
into hundreds of pieces
torn into oblivion
by its own weakness
held together
by the strength of others
the threat of dissolving is always there
always present
waiting to leap out
and possess fragile
fragile is a liability
and an integral part
of whatever it may be
you can ignore it
diagnose it
sympathize with it
but do you understand it?
night i don't like the word. it is supposed to be a compliment i think.. you're so fragile. instead, it makes me feel inferior and stupid. i'm not fucking fragile, i have endured a hundred times more heartache, and pain then you ever will. i'm strong and independant, damn it! 030221
sab fragile can be beautiful

and fragile can be boring

depending on the moon
for too much

that was harsh
. . 040809
rage desperately trying to make you think im strong
desperately loving the secret vulnerability
desperately sheilding the fragile within
desperately hiding the broken desparation
Syrope sign me up for another dose
i don't know what i'd do without my excuse
unhinged crushed with the weight of it
you haven't come back
to let me out
in awhile
they all parade past to stare
i'm crushed with the weight of it
i feel my skeleton collapsing
squeezing out any softness left
i don't have anything left for this
becca rose petal made of glass
balanced on edge
hint of a breeze just around the corner

let me pick you up
my love
i'll keep you safe,
here, with me

i won't let you break
mindreader hoping someone will see... 080108
u24 Like a snowflake, in case it melts when I touch it, I'm apprehensive of blathering again. 110315
what's it to you?
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