kimmichael I can hear the whisper birds
chip chirp
rollin’ on down feathers a blazing
and orgasm colors in my eyes, amazing

Christmas time in the city of lovers

Music in the backround suddenly all I can hear
I keep missing words

No incentive this time, nothing making me right this write
Twas written, (so it was)
In caves and on the faces of the ageless children in the night,
The glory and power of oblivion
When the outsiders no longer exist
Five to nineer the other way I spose
We’ve seen the same madness on the History channel

When Hitler would have his ghastly parade
Who was in those streets, gaping pupils, staring at the stars and saying
Hey, man…Is my hands and life really this way always and truthfully?”
and I say, “no, only on the good nights.”

Twit twit, to whit, to wit
Whittle away yer time on beauty
That isn’t so hard, is it?
tit when i whisper your name, it means i want to scream it.
when i smile at your indifference, it means i hate it.
when i laugh with you, it means i cry without you.
when i let you go, it means i am sorry you wouldnt stay.
Mushroomman Be still, my love, your whisper is a sweet caress upon my ear, things you speak of, ignite love and set it ablaze,
You make me feel alive, and when i die, it will be in your embrace,
strike the match and set our love on fire, this is not fleeting and this is not just desire, my love for you is real, because i know you feel the same,

And i will be here, waiting for you my love.

* i will blow at you when you strike your arrow then. 010618
lisa whispering just makes things sound exciting and important. secrets. 011127
ClairE wind whistle

A wonderful sound to the word; I am sure there are wonderful poems written around this word.

I don't whisper very much.
Except names in bed. Alone.
whoknows all you have to do is whisper. i promise i can hear every word. and itll stay just between us. just trust me. 011127
whoknows "so long" whispers my heart 011128
Aaron desolate sound of a voices once loved... a whisper... in my ear.. staying with me.. yet numb is how i feel... three words.. echoing over in my mind.. i was still.. and i don't know what i felt.. it moved to me like a ghost.. and she's not here anymore.. but i heard it.. a whisper... i love you.. i'm here.. alone.. sitting in shock.. hearing a voice long gone.. of a lover i don't know anymore.. as i though about another... new love.. someone to hold me as i held her.. then.. thats when i heard.... 011128
for kbs skin This whisper I smelled
from your eye:
Let's move, change positions,
should we?

We thought about it,
it wasn't even noon,
More control, more liquidity...
Easier in and out...

Wine could hardly wait all day.
We did need to decide.

The whisper you tasted
from my ear:
it's very nice,
in this area.
Better than where you are.

You did,
everything opened,
wine was consumed.

You know how
to send and touch
a whisper.

copr. 2002 Q
tit yet in this life of mine i've learned that all that glitters isnt gold. and words express things that the heart will never hold.
i've learned that a lovers words are often in my mind, not in her heart
ive learned that reality and interpertations often exist on different spheres
when will my two worlds collide?
when will i find the one that says what she feels, that feels what she says, that cares like i do. the one that is gold with out th glitter.
listless every second is a whisper, someone telling you to love.. 020426
Lora If you want to catch someones attention...Whisper. Catching more attention then deemed necessary, giving up secrets to more than the one ear it was meant for. 020528
squint into the corners of my mouth
that had never touched heaven before this day
and tell me all your hopeless thoughts
so I can rest another night
full of confused breaths.
phil diabolical 020528
Arwyn I feel your hot breath on my neck as you whisper to me. It sends shivvers up my spine and makes me melt. 020529
dondeestanlosjaguares softly. . .

tenderly. . .

ecstaticly. . .

the way you would allow the light wind called my breathe, to enter your ear and make sense of the soft-spoken words. the way it would escape your lips, letting the emotions take form from that ever-loving heart of yours.


how a simple whisper could mean so much and yet be so inconspicuous.
megan a temptress sliding a feather under the tip of his chin, a song played just so, the wind late at night when you're crying, the hiss of the computer as it fills more and more with words from our very souls. we're whispering worldwide now, is this possible? is this real? should it be? 021216
Joanna Just whisper it, maybe someone will hear you. 030520
joda And I'll stay. 030520
carlita the best things are said in a whisper 030523
niska tell me all the things you wish you could when you're alone, and no one is listening.

i will.

i promise.
Amithyst Sey Blade "..and whisper sweet nothings into your ear.." 030605
crushed wrists every night i whisper your name.. hoping that the angels will hear the wishes resting on my lips.. and bring you back where you belong.. to a place that i was the only vision you had.. to a place where you never knew her..to a place that only existed in my dreams.. 031122
queen of darkness i whisper for the world to hear 040127
pansy my heart is longing
my soul is crying
my body is screaming
but it is not loud enough
to notice, to hear
hsg the first 57 seconds of reptile is scary
halo 8
sanguineous the wind outside blows in and cools our steaming bedroom.
it smells of a hint of fall.
fills my lungs with memories of years past.
the scent of the changing seasons tends to do this to me.
moonlight casts an ominous glow over the bed. over his sleeping silhouette.
how i ever came to sleep next to this amazing creature still baffles me.
he exhales a sweet whisper, tickling the back of my neck with his patterned breaths.
and i am reminded
once again.
just why i am alive.
for the moments like these
time stands still.
for a few whispered sighs
he and i are alone in this world.
as he sleeps, i share this moment with him.
for nothing is more beautiful.
no moment will ever pass this one up.

...until the next one.
whisper.newdream.net Imagine a site similar to blather but with lowercase letters only and everything is in a cursive little 6-point font. Just imagine. 061010
Risen I wake up, 4am, painsomnia strikes again. I cannot sleep.

Still trying to process the bad news from yesterday, still bracing for what will probably be worse news to come. Because that is the pattern. Like watching stocks in free-fall. Every low feels like the worst until you look back and realise that what seemed bad 5 years ago was a fricking picnic compared to today. And the forecast is for stormy skies.

I browse the blue, and I see a whisper, and for a second I remember what it was like to not be alone.

Thank you.
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