typhoid by dirt
and junk
my room is becoming the mecca for broken electronics equipment, sand, crumbs, crumpled paper, interesting looking garbage. it's eating away at all the stuff i "value". red paint splattered by friends onto books. room turned upside down looking for a snake.
bread_crumbs and cheese_bits infused in my bedsheets!
doesn't help that i can't find my homework, and i have to be up soon..
and the aura of this room is still trying to consume me
burning sage helps
typhoid oh yeah.
and i shouldn't forget the water everywhere on the floor
from trying to refill the ocean
the lining of which was destroyed in the search for the snake.
well, i leave this room in a few weeks anyway.
lets see if i can muss it up any more before i hand it off to someone else...
moonshine hahahahahhahahaahaha why do i find this so funny? and it wasnt red! it was orange 000807
silentbob Hailing from a a town just minutes away from Sherwood Forest, Consumed have spent the last 4 years stealing from the rich and giving to the punks. Giving great melodic punk tunes, that is!
With their first release on FAT, Breakfast at Pappa's, Consumed established themselves as one of the best punk bands in the Queen's great land! Their second Fat release, the Hit For Six full length, put them in line for a knighting!
Consumed just recently completed their first U.S. tour on the first leg of the Fat Tour. They made quite an impression on us Yankees and we hope to see them in the states soon again.
Congratulations to Mike, recently married (in Sri Lanka of all places)!
birdmad from the inside out

soon i may implode
yummychuckle I feel left out...I want a snake. I also want to have been a part of this search for the snake in this room with mean ORANGE paint.

oh well.

i don't like the word consumed when you are dealing with food.
(_) Fire of your eyes
eating me alive oh i wish
to see your face have you
lead me through this wasteland
which we will say with laughing eyes
as you wash the angst
off my face with a kitchen sponge.
what's it to you?
who go