amy it sure does peak. 990113
leslie John Cage said (or maybe it was a Zen saying), "If something is boring after a minute, try doing it for 2 minutes. If it is still boring after 2 minutes, try doing it for 4 minutes." (etc.) 990527
ivy the only thing that is interesting, is that which does not strive to be so. 991206
MollyGoLightly If something is not interesting, I'm physically incapable of paying attention. This gets me in trouble schoolwise sometimes. 000404
amorfus interesting people see how it all fits together... 000513
Brad Interesting people, who are interesting because they do interesting and fascinating things, are always worth getting to know, but almost never worth getting close to. Being interesting may make you attractive, but often this type of interesting quality comes at the expense (coincidentally?) of interpersonal skills, which are all that really matter in any kind of relationship. Often the best friends and partners seem to be those who are somewhat ordinary on the surface, but have fascinating minds and souls. 000525
WoNDERGIRL and somehow I can finally discern the difference between love and sex, and somehow, I seem to find them both in one package with you..

larla hmmm, brad. for me, this is key. introversion and extraversion are the impulses that are constantly under negotiation. one of my goals is to integrate myself to the rest of the world. that sounds like a silly adolescent game, but it's not something that i want to give up on until i absolutely must. i guess i want to be an extraverted introvert. that would be fantastic. ella... any suggestions? 000525
Earindel night a pigion sat on my shoulder, and the next day, we took it to a vet, because it couldn't fly just plopped down on me, like we were old friends 000602
grendel sometimes a polite euphemism 010123
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
morrissey tape birdmad drug
the one that you took
tell the truth
it really helped you
jestification this word passes their lips when nothing else comes to mind.
passing over their heads.
opting for one word responses, instead of discussion based on their own ideas.
don't call me interesting.
don't call me
or my art.
jesus not that.
dionysos A curse:

May you live in interesting times
Gil interesting concept , da"sh to Aba 021002
Strideo its interesting here.

blather is basically handed out to the masses.

everyone uses it for their own purpose.

some try impose their interpretation of what it should be on others.

for most people when they get here it seems like a crazy collection of linked words.
for some people its a place vent frustration.
for some its a way to display poetry.
its an abstract unmoderated message board.
a place to get feed back.
tell secrets.
be known.
be anonymous.

communities form.

um, anyways, just an observation.
not like I'm saying anything most of you didn't know.
Its interesting still.
kss also, it has a "community", which is sometimes noticed and respected, and sometimes missed or ignored.

and it makes people crazy.
sweetheart of the song tra bong My new_years_resolution is to stop saying this word. Or at least severely limit my usage of it.

It's so empty.
ferret when used correctly (which i find interesting) interesting can be an interestingly interesting word. i find it to be the most interesting of all! 030808
Dafremen Not half as interesting as campapoopinopolis. 030808
nomatter you know whats interesting. i do.
I would say that 95% of the conversations I have with guys (on the phone, on the net, in person, regardless) we always end up talking about sex.
Sure doesn't bother me.
whatever What interesting with blather is that it like writing a dictionary whiteout having to signed it.

see ce_qui_me_manque
Jen i know a boy who's face always looks like someone has just told him an interesting fact. 040917
Kim even the biggest cliches hold some seed of truth which is why we cannot stop using them
try using the word truth in a different way today
no reason "you need to suffer to be interesting" 071214

kind of anyways
ungreat I think it's interesting that you're now pregnant, and suddenly got married, when you said neither were going to happen for a very long time. I think it's interesting you told none of us. And then you wonder why you get the cold shoulder. I wonder if the baby is even your husbands. Maybe I should ask him... 090722
unhinged 'one of the interesting things that no one ever tells us is that love affairs and relationships are not the same thing'- susan piver 170519
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