Quintessensual Here are some suggestions for solving your phone-bill problems, if you want to avoid being fucked sideways at least once a month:

If the bill is high because you are making long distance calls to your isp for internet connections, get a new isp TODAY that is close enough that your calls to it are local.

If the bill is high because you are spending hours talking on the telephone rather than over the Internet to some special someone(s) who live a long ways from you, do one of three things:

(1) Don't use the phone but use a free voice communication system like dialpad on the Internet or, if you do not mind not hearing his (their) voice(s), a free "chat in writing" system like icq or irc.

(2) Decide which of the someone(s) you most want to be with, buy a ticket for a jet plane ride to where he lives, and move in with him. Even if he would not be as generous as you would like and the two of you would share expenses, the flying and sharing expenses would be a lot less expensive than the phone calls.

(3) Tell them all they are not that special, that you are not going to call them any more, and that if they want to talk with you they are going to have to call you.

If there is some other reason why the bills are so high, call me long-distance and we can discuss the situation.

We could talk non-stop for a month and the bill would be far less than yours now. Besides the benefits of hearing the sweetness of my voice and receiving the depths of my wisdom, you would be saving a ton of money by not being on the phone for the other calls.

Your friendly suggestion man
Sintina I like those suggestions.

Some people make suggestions and it sounds like they are lecturing me and it really pisses me off. Especially when they are interfering in my life and my business and my job, which has absolutely nothing to do with them, and they only reason they give a shit is because the situation is starting to make THEM look bad, they don't give a damn about me or my situation, it's just that my situation might inadvertingly affect their little sphere of life

Not like anyone's ever done anything like that to me or anything...
elana they are just words to make themselves feel better then you, and they ofcorse dont care abouit you, suggestions are just for them sometimes 010309

ever wondered if urine really does taste like beer? ever tasted turnip juice? now you can get the best of both worlds with this exciting new nonalcoholic drink.

you'll need:
- canned turnip juice (only sold in hell, where some of us have no tastebuds. i can get you some imported if you really want it)
- urine (your own or someone else's)
- a blender

how to make it:
simply dump the turnip juice and urine into the blender. let the blender run on high for a few minutes, or until it starts to turn opaque and orangeish. if you want, you can squeeze some lemon in for an added kick. pour into a glass and enjoy.
paste! take off your portable shelter. think real hard about how you can make a living movie out of your sparks and tantrums. put ice in your neighbor's mailbox. make believe that you are disappearing real slowly. 010617
god come on down and poke around. 030412
nick where's garibaldi 031223
Timoleone Charlotte learns that while she is special and unique her problems are not.I highly recommend inserting your name into this sentence. I promise I don't mean this in an offensive way. Hobo 040223
Syrope after a year, i wrote good things about you too 080604
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