dallas to pretend you know what you're talking about and to force that on other people, too. 990110
Rainer Krauss talk. joke around. talk with people instead of talking to yourself. supress newbies. laugh. confuse newbies. waste company time. sing. dance. make love. play childrens games. make fun of newbies. the web is such an evil place if you're there. 990226
Rainer those system administrators at my office spend hundreds of hours to hunt down and block off every porn sh*t site, every freemailer and every single chatroom on the web. I'm sure they'll block access to blather soon. I cannot chat anymore. why should I continue to come to work? just for doing the work i'm supposed to? haha, never heared such a lame joke before. I wish I had my own internet account at home. I wish I had made the final exams, then I had my own connection and I won't be employed here anymore. I wish. 990303
anonymous the absence of actual meaning. scratching the surface timidly, mindlessly, never coming to a conclusion. 990311
If it does not ..HOWEVER~,I promise you it will give you Faith.

I`ve rolled my spliff, I can not wait to light it ,It excites me......................., I`m lighting it!
MMmmm thats better, Why?, .. I hear you ask, Why does it excite me, Why.... is a big question ....I think it needs a big answer, It helps me think, Where should I start, I know I`l start at a diffrent point than you, & I`l reach out to you with my longest arm,but you have to make sure your arm is reaching back, coz mine is only long enough to reach half way,But what if after you`ve grabed my hand , you suddenly change your mind and let go all because the phone rang, or the kettle boiled, I tell you what ! before you continue with me, take the phone off, and get comfortable, then come back, I dont mean to be so insistant ,but I need your full attention in order for you to understand what Im saying. Actually it would be better if you were outside, you know ..on a big mountain at night with the moonlight shining over your pages helping you read, Ok ...sorry just kiddding !! your quite fine where you are.I`m sure!!!!
valis chat used to be such an easygoing word before computers ...

now i associate it with attention deficit disorder and misspelled 3-letter words.
exsists hi 031018
pobodys nerfect Fresh from the shower and really bored earlier tonight,I thought I'd go to a chat room to amuse myself. Instead of entering one right away though,I looked through the sub categories(where you can narrow the chat down to things like collectors and certain movie fans, etc.). To my surprise,you could even read the profiles of these people. So I checked some out. I came upon some creepy profiles--people listing links to TEENAGE porn sites, and rape fantasy links. After a few minutes of looking at these profiles,I was ready to have another shower. *shudders* Needless to say,I didn't sign up to chat.... 031018

chat, chat, chat! Could you guys please shut up a moment -- I have an important announcement...

Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place.

On the federal lever a World Wide Web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the White House said the president was concerned but said that everyone should remain claim, lock all their doors, chill and listen to some rap-music.

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severe sentence. Wrigley finished by saying, "Justice will be done and the people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page. Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on a desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as just another tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature. Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting movie-goers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this network station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.

Truthseeker I love to chat to and find interesting people! Go me!!! 040411
a_grilled_fish omg liek rotfl wuold yuo liek to see my webcma i am soooo secy my naem is jenny 040520
the chief of the multicolored monky clan i hate chat. ive never chatted on the internet so thats not what im speaking of. im talking about chat with people when none of your really have nething to say. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! What is wrong with a little silence every once in a while? small talk is so dumb. I htought that conversations actually had to have a topic. guess not. 051003
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